30th PUCA -ESI Users’ Forum Japan 2019

30th PUCA -ESI Users’ Forum Japan 2019
27 Nov 2019 to 28 Nov 2019
Additive Manufacturing, Casting, CFD, Composites, Data Analytics, Electromagnetics, Multiphysics, Sheet Metal Forming, System Modeling, Vibro-Acoustics, Virtual Integration Platform, Virtual Reality, Virtual Seat, Virtual Systems & Controls, Welding & Assembly

We cordially invite you to join 30th PUCA -ESI Users’ Forum Japan 2019 -.

“PUCA” is the historical ESI Forum held in Japan, supported by ESI customers for the past 30 years.
The Forum will take place on two full days and is organized this year to illustrate the successful and challenging applications of Virtual Prototyping in “Engineering”, “Manufacturing”, and for industrial products “Innovation & Discovery”. Our highest priority is to provide our users with the opportunity to share their initiatives and case studies from different industries, and we also introduce ESI’s advanced "Smart Virtual Prototyping" solutions that enable "prototype reduction", "faster delivery to market", and "high quality products". Through presentations and informal interaction, users of ESI’s software will also learn about how to benefit from the latest and upcoming releases.  
30th PUCA takes place in Tokyo on November 27-28 th at the Hilton Tokyo Hotel in Shinjuku.
We look forward to welcoming you there!

Plenary Keynotes

■ Honda R&D Co.,Ltd. / Mr. Eisei Higuchi



You can find the full agenda here.
Nov.27th AM : Plenary Keynotes
Nov.27th PM : 3 Parallel sessions organized by ESI's 3 pillars "Engineeering", "Manufacturing" and "Innovation & Discovery"
Nov.28th     : 3 Parallel sessions focused on applications in ESI's 3 pillars

High Light at 30th PUCA

Innovation & Discovery Session
A new way of life is conquering both the society and the industry, being a direct consequence of the availability of (massive) data that appropriately collected, cured and assimilated enables the human dream: real-time decision making. Real-time decision-making allows better designs, by exploring efficiently the design space,  and twins, expected emulating the reality all along its life, build-up.
Even if in many areas data is abundant, easy to collect and easy to treat for making predictions, in other domains, like engineering sciences, things are a bit more difficult. In fact collecting data in industrial environments can become expensive and technologically difficult. In those circumstances one must proceed in the so-called scarce-data limit, and in that case standard digital twins that proceeds from data and their artificial intelligence fail to accomplish real-time decision-making.
It is in that context that the use of well-established physic-based models, solved under the stringent real-time constraint (thanks to Model Order Reduction in general and the Proper Generalized Decomposition in particular) allows to make in real-time a first estimation of the component or system behavior. Then, model predictions are continuously compared with measurements and when a gap (deviation) is noticed, a data-driven model is elaborated online, whose predictions added to the ones coming from the physic-based model allows representing very accurately the reality. Hybrid Twin embraces these two components : physic-based and data-driven modelling, the virtual and the digital twins.Among the advanced technologies enabling the Hybrid Twin, we will consider:

  • Real-time simulation of physics-based models​
  • Real-time data assimilation, data curation, data-driven modeling and simulation
  • Real-time material modeling and model calibration
  • Advanced visualization based on virtual, augmented environments;
  • Computational procedures based on the use of quantum computing.

ESI EV Vibro Acoustic Seminar

Following the Vibro Acoustic session in 30th PUCA -ESI Users’ Forum Japan- in the morning of Nov.28th, ESI Japan invite you to
Vibro Acoustic Seminar focus on Vibro acoustic analysis for electric vehicles. Please find more detail & register from here.

PAM-STAMP User Seminar

Following the Stamping session in 30th PUCA -ESI Users’ Forum Japan- in the morning of Nov.27th, ESI Japan invite you to the Stamping Seminar focus on PAM-STAMP V2019.5 Description of improvements etc. Please find more detail & register from here.

IC.IDO User Meeting

Following the VR session in 30th PUCA -ESI Users’ Forum Japan- in the morning of Nov.27th, ESI Japan invite you to IC.IDO User Group Meeting. Please find more detail here.

Event information

Date Nov 27th   9:50 - 17:15 (Gala dinner 18:30~20:30)
Nov 28th   10:00 - 17:15
Location Hilton Tokyo
Fee User : Free
Non-User : JPY50,000 (inc. Lunch, 30th PUCA Gala Buffet Dinner, Proceeding)
** please write product name if you are using ESI solution.
** please add comment if you are invited by ESI sales, write name of contact sales.
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