Scilab Conference 2019

Scilab Conference 2019
Berlin, Germany
14 Oct 2019
Data Analytics, System Modeling

First presentations are already confirmed:

Aircraft Simulation Model and Flight Control Laws Design Using Scilab and Xcos
André Ferreira da Silva, Altran

 A Real-Time Interface for Xcos – an illustrative demonstration using a battery management system
Sven Jacobitz, Hochschule Braunschweig

 X2C - a tool for model-based control development and automated code generation for microprocessors
Peter Dirnberger, Linz Center of Mechatronics

 Scilab and Xcos for VLEO (Very Low Earth Orbits) satellites modelling
David Gonzales, Elecnor Deimos Satellite Systems

Predicting the Yield of Biochar with Multivariate Linear Regression and Two-Factor Interaction Models
Akintola Ayooluwa Tomiwa, University of Johannesburg

Transitioning from Matlab to Scilab in Science, Technology, Engineering & Math
Dr. Mark Burton

Scilab Application for Space Exploration Mission (MASCOT) Operations
Thierry Martin, CNES

"Are you interested in knowing how Automotive Industry benefit from Scilab applications and what drives Aerospace to develop new products and solutions using Scilab or how to benefit from OpenFOAM® and Scilab open-source codes in industrial development environments? These and many other questions will be answered during the 2nd Scilab Conference 2019.  

2nd Scilab Conference 2019 will be hosted at the same venue as  7th OpenFOAM User Conference (Oct 15-17, 2019). Take a chance and benefit from this unique opportunity to access and attend two open-source software events. 
Meet experts, learn about new applications, exchange ideas and gain new insight by networking with another open-source community. 

The participation fee for 2nd Scilab Conference is 150€ (Speakers will be free of charge).
Benefit from our combined offer for both events. Fee for Scilab Conference and 2 days OpenFOAM is 550€.


This event will take place in Berlin, Germany on October 14th 2019.
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