Advanced modeling and simulation of Sheet Moulding Compound (SMC) processes

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21 Aug 2019 Composites

Abstract SMC processes involve a highly concentrated dispersion of chopped fibres into a resin, placed into a preheated mould, that closes rapidly (about 40 mm/s) squeezing the reinforced resin, inducing the mould filling accompanied of the fibres induced orientation that influences the mechanical properties of the final part. Several issues compromises its efficient numerical simulation, among them: (i) the modeling of flow kinematics able to induce eventual fibres/resin segregation, (ii) the confined fibres orientation evolution and its accurate prediction, (iii) local dilution effects, (iv) flow bifurcation at junctions and its impact on the fibres orientation state, (v) charge / mould contact and (vi) parametric solutions involving non-interpolative fields. The present paper reports advanced modeling and simulation techniques for circumventing, or at least alleviating, the just referred difficulties. 


M. Perez, D. Prono, C. Ghnatios, E. Abisset, J.L. Duval, F. Chinesta


SMC, Confined orientation, Friction, Parametric solutions, PGD

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