Interior noise prediction in cargo ship

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25 Jul 2018 Vibro-Acoustics

Noise in cargo ships has become an important topic as international regulations are increasing the constraints. Predicting the sound pressure level in crew cabins for a new ship and diagnose the effect of design changes (construction, sound package…) is now part of the standard design process. The marine industry needs tools to face this challenge. SEA can help during the design phase to predict interior noise. This paper will present a method to create efficiently a SEA model of a ship starting from 2D drawings cabin arrangement and all the physical properties descriptions (construction, sound package, excitation…). A validation of a cargo ship SEA model excited by combined structureborne and airborne noise sources will be presented.


Arnaud Caillet, Oussema Fatmi - ESI GmbH, 85609 Munchen, Germany, Kazunobu Fujita, Noriko Hirukawa - MIJAC, Tokyo, Japan

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