Shielding Effectiveness Calculations for Cabinets (1 – 30 GHz) in collaboration with HUAWEI

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3 Nov 2014 Electromagnetics

This paper deals with the computation of high-frequency fields which penetrate into two different cabinets with two different air-flow hole shapes. The software used for the simulations is Efield® and the two different methods FDTD (Finite Difference Time Domain) and MLFMM (Multi Level Fast Multipole Method) have been employed to calculate the fields in two different manners; the first method computes the fields in the time domain which then are Fourier transformed to the frequency domain, and the second method computes the fields directly in the frequency domain. The results from these two methods have been compared and after that, the SE (Shielding Effectiveness) of the two cabinets has been calculated from the computed penetrating fields, and interpretations and comparisons of the results have been provided.


Hanif Tavakoli, Bo Strand, Erik Abenius - Efield AB, ESI Scandinavia, Stockholm, Sweden Ming Ye - HUAWEI Technology Sweden AB, Stockholm, Sweden Ping-Fang Yu - HUAWEI Technologies Ltd, Shenzhen, China


high frequency, electromagnetic shielding effectiveness, FDTD, MLFMM, Efield

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