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Tips & Tricks

Here you will find articles on how to solve specific issues related to ESI's software solutions. Missing ESI products will be added progressively. Each article has a short abstract which is accessible to everyone. As logged users you can see the full article with all attached screenshots, and you can post comments related to each article.

Fiber volume content contour
Two dedicated composites contours are available in PAM-FORM 2G post-processing: Shear angle and fiber directions.
Mathilde Chabin

Coupling between PAM-FORM and PAM-RTM: multiple part mapping
Coupling between PAM-FORM 2G and PAM-RTM is done through a .DSY file. Thus, pre-forming process is simulated with PAM-FORM 2G and resulting fiber orientations that will affect permeabilities are transferred to PAM-RTM model setup.
Mathilde Chabin