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Here you will find articles on how to solve specific issues related to ESI's software solutions. Missing ESI products will be added progressively. Each article has a short abstract which is accessible to everyone. As logged users you can see the full article with all attached screenshots, and you can post comments related to each article.

IC.IDO set up Collaborative VR sessions using ICO.Cooperate
Collaborative Virtual Workspaces powered by IC.IDO.Cooperate enable multiple participants to experience in Virtual Reality collaborative assembly, operation, or service process reviews. Reviewers can be either co-located or remote participants, connecting the multiple...
Niklas Lewander
Virtual Reality

Ergonomics - Conduct RULA evaluation using ErgonomicsRamsis
Conducting Ergonomics Analysis of pre-production human-centric processes and procedures need not require the construction of physical mock-ups or prototypes to perform, record, then review repeated performance of proposed assembly, service, or operator tasks. Instead,...
Rene Wohlgethan
Virtual Reality

e-Café #2 PYFUN, PYSTOP - Programmer ses propres critères d'arrêt de calcul
Comment programmer des critères d'arrêt de calcul en Python
Jean-Charles Paulin
Virtual Performance

Ergonomics - Posing kinematic chained and fixed element IC.IDO ErgonomicsRAMSIS Role
Posing ergonomics digital human models (or manikins) is easy within IC.IDO with IDO.ErgonomicsRamsis modular functionality. Included with IC.IDO Build & Maintain or as an add-on module to traditional IC.IDO module installations, ErgonomicsRamsis allows for desktop...
Bharath Isandra Govindappa
Virtual Reality

Annotations - recording notes in IC.IDO sessions (version 14.x)
During Virtual Build, Virtual Service, or Virtual Product Integration reviews issues with the product design, tooling proposals, or procedures and work instructions will most likely emerge. Identifying the issue during the Virtual Reality review is only part of the...
Laura Goldfuß
Virtual Reality

Assembly Device Validation - IC.IDO validating kinematics and manipulator behavior
Validating the behavior of assembly assist devices, or other industrial manipulators, and the human operators interaction with those devices and the product being manufactured using those devices is not a trivial matter. Significant investment in the design and...
Niklas Lewander
Virtual Reality

Ergonomics - Create a new RAMSIS Role or Manikin in IC.IDO
Using IC.IDO to conduct ergonomics analysis requires the creation, editing, manipulation, and review of ergonomics Digital Human Models or "manikins". Within IC.IDO each manikin is defined by "Role" to create, edit, and pose each manikin you will...
Bharath Isandra Govindappa
Virtual Reality

Snapping Joints in IC.IDO (13.x +)
Complete workflow tip for creating, constraining, and defining several snapping objects performed in IC.IDO v14.0 (beta). Sequence of operation is consistent for older versions like 13.x, some aspects of the interface appearance might differ.
William Marsh
Virtual Reality

Collisions- using melt offset to adjust behavior in IC.IDO (long form)
Melt offset is used to either (1) correct Issues with CAD designed without ANY clearance of interference between mating objects or (2) simulate collision behavior as if the objects add additional clearance requirement--like a force field that prevents collision between...
José Terrades Cuquerella
Virtual Reality

Optimizing In-Session IC.IDO performance (long form)
IC.IDO performance can vary from workstation to workstation, based on their hardware configuration. Some attributes of an IC.IDO session can be adjusted and optimized to improve performance during session use.
Nicole Holz
Virtual Reality