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Here you will find articles on how to solve specific issues related to ESI's software solutions. Missing ESI products will be added progressively. Each article has a short abstract which is accessible to everyone. As logged users you can see the full article with all attached screenshots, and you can post comments related to each article.

e-Café #2 PYFUN, PYSTOP - Programmer ses propres critères d'arrêt de calcul
Comment programmer des critères d'arrêt de calcul en Python
Jean-Charles Paulin
Virtual Performance

How do I create an SEA cavity using shrinkwrap?
How to create FE acoustic cavities with complex shapes
Ricardo Alvarez
CFD, Vibro-Acoustics

Static comfort – Different encrypted data display
How to display encrypted occupant when other data are also encrypted in the model.
Oriane Jammet-Reynal
Virtual Seat

Static Comfort - Sensors Grid
Sensors Grid Definition improvement in Virtual Seat Solution v2015 (VE 11)
Cécile Cabane
Virtual Seat

Trim Manufacturing – Trim Adviser
Trim Adviser improvement in Virtual Seat Solution v2015 (VE 11)
Cécile Cabane
Virtual Seat

Auto Empty Folders option in CFD-GEOM
When importing large models into CFD-GEOM, you may notice that certain entities listed in the Model Manager may have a red box around them.
Abraham Meganathan

Adding Baffles to an Unstructured domain in CFD-GEOM
While meshing the geometries of industrial significance like mixing tanks, reactor and heat exchangers, we may encounter baffles which have negligible thickness but significant area to impact the physics of the problem in terms of momentum and heat transfer. These...
Abraham Meganathan

New Mesh Sources in CFD-GEOM for Triangle and Tetrahedral meshing
Corner Point Sources, Surface Interior Sources and Tet Sources have been available in CFD-GEOM for several years, allowing for refinements during certain phases of mesh generation.
Abraham Meganathan

Working with Solids in CFD-GEOM - Part 1: Boolean Operations
Given that today’s users may import several complex parts into CFD-GEOM, this tip will demonstrate how to use the Solid Boolean Union Option to combine several parts into one.
Abraham Meganathan

Using the BC/VC Queries tool in CFD-GEOM
Have you ever whished that you could blank/unblank or pick/unpick only interfaces in a CFD-GEOM model? You can now with the BC/VC Queries tool. This tool allows you to pick, unpick, blank or unblank all the interfaces of the current model based on the interface type (...
Abraham Meganathan