Tips & Tricks

Here you will find articles on how to solve specific issues related to ESI's software solutions. Missing ESI products will be added progressively. Each article has a short abstract which is accessible to everyone. As logged users you can see the full article with all attached screenshots, and you can post comments related to each article.

Geometrical drawbeads with Design Table
CATIA V5 offers powerful functionality to modify existing geometry “from outside” via DESIGN TABLE. PAM DIEMAKER for CATIA V5 also supports this procedure with some prerequisites.
Matthias Hoss
Sheet Metal Forming

How to use Blank Holder functionality in PAM-DIEMAKER for CATIA V5
This video shows how to use Blank Holder functionnality to create mono surface Blank Holder shapes and combination of several Blank Holder patches.
Matthias Hoss
Sheet Metal Forming

How to create a complex blank holder with PAM-DIEMAKER for CATIA V5
This video shows how the complex blank holder of a double action draw die can be created from multiple segments using a combination of standard CATIA and special PAM-DIEMAKER for CATIA V5 functions all available inside the Blank Holder dialog.
Matthias Hoss
Sheet Metal Forming

Improve trimming with Overshoot
Trimming in PAM-STAMP can fail due to a too short trimming segment curve leading to not cut properly the blank mesh. This can be solved by using Overshoot option in PAM-DIEMAKER for CATIA V5.
Matthias Hoss
Sheet Metal Forming

PAM-STAMP solver 2018.0.1 - Troubleshooting
Recommended file exchange in case of unexpected solver stop without error message. MPI change in case plateform mpi issue in DMP
Martin Holecek
Sheet Metal Forming

Trim and Shear Angles
Explanations about Trim and Shear Angles
Matthias Hoss
Sheet Metal Forming

Smart computing with PAM-STAMP
Tips and tricks to reduce computational time for PAM-STAMP input files.
Vladimir Cerny
Sheet Metal Forming

Static comfort – Different encrypted data display
How to display encrypted occupant when other data are also encrypted in the model.
Oriane Jammet-Reynal
Virtual Seat

How to clean registry to restore files association
Clean the registries manually to fully use the files associativity from PAM-STAMP in the last installed version.
Benoît Muller
Sheet Metal Forming

Static Comfort - Sensors Grid
Sensors Grid Definition improvement in Virtual Seat Solution v2015 (VE 11)
Cécile Cabane
Virtual Seat