Automation procedures and customization in Visual-Environment


Welding & Assembly, Casting, Electromagnetics, CFD & Multiphysics, Composites and more. All industries are challenged by an omni-present market pressure to deliver better products faster to the market by reducing cost. Visual-Environment provides users a high freedom to easily apply their own automation routines using self-written scripts and recorded macros through integration to its open architecture.


New & experienced simulation engineers


This training will give you an overview on available automation tools as well as an introduction to available process templates addressing comprehensive and repetitive engineering tasks across domains. You will learn how to create, customize and integrate your scripts and macros to Visual-Environment.


Basic know-how of Visual-Environment and Python programming.

Course content

Introduction and Overview (Content can be customized based on participants interest and working domain)

  • Meshing Automation Tools
  • Pre-processing Automation Tools
  • Post-processing Automation Tools
  • Process Automation Templates
    • Visual-Environment Customization: create, customize and integrate your scripts and macros
  • Visual-Environment Standard Folders: User Directory, Application Directory, Default
  • Directories
  • Visual-Environment Console (Prompt Console, Python Console, Viewer Console)
  • Visual-Environment Session (Session file contents and location)
  • Data model, object alias in session
  • Visual-Environment commands (GUI architecture + examples)
    • Customizing through Scripts and Macros
  • Macros introduction & example
  • VE scripts explanation and examples
    • Customizing Visual-Viewer
  • Customization methods
  • Session, template, command line
Virtual Integration Platform
1-2 days
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