Basic OpenFOAM and Visual-CFD Training


If you are an application engineer who is applying CFD to solve day to day problems and would like to use OpenFOAM, then this is the course for you.

Whether you work on Automotive applications like External Aerodynamics, Underhood, Climate Control (HVAC) simulations or Non-Automotive applications like Wind turbines, Multi-phase (VOF), Industrial ventilations etc then this training will help you to explore OpenFOAM. Even if you are not into these applications, we can still work on a personalized training on your topics. OpenFOAM today is 2nd most widely used CFD package in the world, is completely free and highly customizable due to availability of source code.

This training will be delivered by ESI's CFD services team with over 20 years of experience. They will also share their experience which is unmatched with any other training that is being offered around.


CFD Engineers / Managers / Analysts


This course focuses on applying OpenFOAM to solve CFD problems for your applications. This training doesn’t teach any programming or source code modifications.


Prior experience with a CFD is recommended but not required

Course content

Morning Session:
• Introduction to basic Linux commands, if required.
• Brief introduction of OpenFOAM and Basics about file structure
• Hands on one simple incompressible model covering meshing (blockMesh), simulation (simpleFoam) and post-processing (ParaView)
        Example: Pitzdaily

Afternoon Session:
• Hands on understanding of OpenFOAM deck for advanced meshing using snappyHexMesh
       Example: ESI Logo

Morning Session:
• Hands on understanding of OpenFOAM deck for Compressible and non-isothermal cases covering multi-domain meshing and MRF set-up.
       Example: Propeller
• Hands on understanding of OpenFOAM deck for multiphase (VoF) modeling
       Example: Dam break
Afternoon Session:
• Hands on understanding of OpenFOAM deck for heat transfer with porous media and a fan curve condition
       Topics covered: Fan curve, AMI, Porous media and heat source on wall
       Example: Cabin HVAC

Morning Session:
• Demo of Visual-CFD: Showcasing of important features of Intelligent Interface for OpenFOAM
• Hands on session for Visual-CFD to cover as many examples as possible
Afternoon Session:
• OpenFOAM Tips and Tricks
• General Q&A session

3 days
No suitable date or place? Set up a custom training