CEM One - EMC/EMI along cable networks


Getting started with the CRIPTE software – an efficient, fast and predictive solution for the analysis of electromagnetic phenomena occurring along cable networks. After the overview of the CEM One software package, the training session starts with the product review, the related methodology and the complete demonstration of the numerical process through various models, from very simple lines to fully realistic industrial networks: full modelling with the related CAD data management, 3D path and electrical schematic, Visual-CEM management, computation of Line Parameters, loading and exciting conditions, EMS/EMR coupling procedures. Realistic examples of industrial applications are used throughout this course designed for experts in electromagnetics, EMC engineers and specialists managing Cable Networks.


Try-out experts in Electromagnetics; EMC engineers, designers and specialists managing Cable Networks


Getting started with CRIPTE, an efficient, fast and predictive solution for the analysis of industrial electromagnetic problems occurring with Cable Networks.


Basic knowledge of the Multiconductor Transmission Lines (MTL) theory

Course content

  • Introduction to ESI’s CEM One
  • CRIPTE background: Multiconductor Transmission lines, BLT equation
  • Overview of the Computational Process & Visual Environment (Visual-CEM): Harness management, cables and connectors, tubes manager & junctions editor
  • Pre-processing stage: modeling and CAD data management, network characterization, exciting and loading conditions, 3D/MTL coupling procedures
  • CRIPTE stand-alone computations,
  • EMS/EMR analysis, output results management
  • Typical industrial applications with Q&A sessions
  • User-defined examples (2 additional days)
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