Composites - Visual-SMC


This training enables meaningful simulations of SMC processes to be carried out. This can answer questions about the shape and the type of material to be used for components. Participants will learn to determine the thickness of initial batches as well as which starting configuration of positioning should be chosen. During the filling process, knowledge of the pressure distribution, final position, orientation and density of the fibers is imparted. Industry-specific focal points (aircraft, automotive or shipbuilding) can be set in consultation with the customer.

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No trainings scheduled, only upon request.


CAE engineers, Material engineers, Designers


The aim of this training is to get familiar with the program Visual-SMC (Sheet Molding Compound) for the simulation of manufacturing processes of SMC components.


Knowledge of the Finite Element Method (FEM) and forming processes is desirable.

Course content

  • Overview of the operating philosophy of the graphical user interface (Visual-Mesh/Visual-SMC)
  • Introduction to physical basics, modeling and material requirements
  • SMC filling simulation on a simple part geometry starting from the CAD geometry
  • Post-processing and presentation of results (Visual-Viewer)
  • DMP solver usage with relevant form and fill simulations adapted for early design (fast for multiple iterations)
  • End-to-end solution for SMC (from manufacturing to use with VPS)
upon request - 1 day - only available for DACH region (please contact local office for training offer in your region)
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