PAM-STAMP - Deep-drawing


The simulation is set up in simple, logical steps: Tools, blank, drawing beads and process are defined in sequence; then the calculation is started and finally evaluated. All steps are carried out by means of easily understandable user guidance in the PAM-STAMP user interface. The focus of the training is on practical examples, which are carried out independently by the participants after prior instruction. At the end of the training a direct access to the application is possible even without previous FEM experience.

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CAE engineers, model designers, and experienced manufacturing engineers involved in the stamping process


The course provides participants with the necessary knowledge to set up, calculate and evaluate a drawing simulation.


Basic knowledge of the forming process is required.

Course content

  • Introduction to forming simulation with PAM-STAMP
  • Overview of the individual program steps
  • Basics of numerical simulation
  • Process definition by means of Process Editor and attribute tree
  • Start of the calculation
  • Evaluation and documentation of the simulation result
  • Practical exercises for all steps
  • Springback simulation
  • File organization
  • Multistage functionality
Sheet Metal Forming
2 days - only available for DACH region (please contact local office for training offer in your region)
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