PAM-STAMP - Hotforming


The training covers all essential aspects of virtual process design from early feasibility through final process validation to cyclic quenching to evaluate tool cooling under production conditions. The most important basics for the physical understanding of process and simulation such as heat transfer, temperature-dependent material behavior and phase transformations in steel are explained. Using practical examples, participants learn how to define the entire process from insertion of the blank into the tool to cooling of the component in air. The manufacturability (thinning, wrinkles), hardening (martensite content, phase fractions, Vickers hardness) and finally the final component distortion are evaluated. In the context of a typical feasibility study, the focus is on the rapid definition and modification of the forming process via the tool editor, as well as on tool kinetics and process control with the aid of process macros. In addition, the possibilities of PAM-STAMP for the simulation of components with tailored properties, such as tailored tempering, partial austenitization, partial air cooling, tailored welded blanks, patchwork blanks, depending on the focus of interest of the participants, are presented.

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CAE engineers, model designers or experienced tooling engineers involved in the hot forming process.


Gain from experts the best practices in hot forming process.


Course content

  • Introduction to simulation of mold hardening
  • Thermal material properties such as flow curves at different temperatures
  • Thermal boundary conditions such as heat exchange with the tools
  • Tool design with Tooleditor and process definition with macros
  • Simulation of the holding process including phase transformation (metallurgy)
  • Prediction of the expected process times
Sheet Metal Forming
1 day - only available for DACH region (please contact local office for training offer in your region)
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