PAM-TUBE: Full value chain


This course focuses on the basic theoretical background for PAM-TUBE (element types, material data, boundary and initial conditions, contact definition …) and on the practical aspects of tube model creation (process design, simulation). Participants learn to prepare models, run simulations, and evaluate results via the PAM-TUBE Graphical User Interface (PAM-TUBEMAKER, PAM-INVERSE, and/or PAM-AUTOSTAMP). Training covers different methods to simulate Tube bending and Tube Hydroforming processes. Hands-on practice throughout the course.


CAE engineers, part designers, tool designers, and experienced manufacturing engineers involved in the tube forming process and formability validation and optimization


Learn to simulate various tube forming processes, including process design and setup using PAM-TUBE, the latest product in the ESI stamping simulation line, dedicated to tube bending and hydroforming processes.


Basic knowledge of the tube forming process and of CAE software

Course content

Mandatory section (1 day):

  • Basic FEM (Finite Element Method) theory
  • Description of PAM-TUBE modules and options
  • Graphical User Interface
  • Meshing with DeltaMesh
  • File system description
  • Demo: full tube forming chain

Tube Bending (1 day)

  • Introduction to tube bending simulation with PAM-TUBE
  • Introduction to tube bending process design with PAM-TUBEMAKER
  • Introduction to PAM-INVERSE
  • Hands-on exercise: create simple bend case
  • Hands-on exercise: Variation study to learn the influence of different parameters
  • Hands-on exercise: multi-bending case
  • Hands-on exercise: coupling with tube hydroforming
  • Evaluation of the simulation results of each individual exercise
  • Discussion, Q&A

Option 1: Hydroforming (1 day)

  • Introduction to hydroforming simulation with PAM-TUBE
  • Introduction to hydroforming process design with PAM-TUBEMAKER
  • Hands-on exercise: simple part design
  • Hands-on exercise: more advanced part design
  • Hands-on exercise: coupling with tube bending
  • Evaluation of the simulation results of each individual exercise
  • Discussion, Q&A

Option 2: PAM-AUTOSTAMP advanced options
Stamp Toolkit (1 day)

  • PAM-AUTOSTAMP presentation & GUI
  • Inputs, contacts, multistage
  • Data setup
  • Results analysis (wrinkles, cracks, FLD..)
  • Process improvements
  • Scripting and Reporting
  • Weldline

Stamp Toolkit

  • Build macro for tube bending
  • Build multi-stage macros for multi-bending
  • Build macro for hydroforming
  • Use macros for multi-stage processes
  • Discussion, Q&A

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2-4 days (depending on options)
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