PAM-TUBE - Hydroforming


The tool design with the program module PAM-TUBEMAKER including the creation of the bending line is also covered. The starting point is the component geometry. Based on the part geometry, process parameters such as the recommended outer tube diameter are determined. The hydroforming tools are created using support profiles, and the bending line is determined. This is followed by the simulation of the tube bending and then the hydroforming simulation taking into account the bending results. In addition to wrinkles or ruptures in the hydroforming process, the simulation is also able to show any problems that may occur when closing the tools, such as clamping points. The training is accompanied by practical exercises. Only tasks with a practical orientation will be worked on.

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CAE engineers, Material engineers, Designers


The course provides an introduction to the simulation of hydroforming of tubes - including upstream bending operations.


Basic knowledge of the forming process is required.

Course content

  • Introduction to forming simulation with PAM-TUBE
  • Tool design with PAM-TUBEMAKER
  • Creating and editing the bending line and bending tools
  • Process definition using macro and attribute tree
  • Simulation of tube bending, simplified as One Step process or accurately using the incremental explicit solver
  • Process setup and simulation of hydroforming including tool closing
  • Evaluation and documentation of simulation results
  • Practical exercises for all steps
  • File organization
  • Multistage functionality
Sheet Metal Forming
2 days - only available for DACH region (please contact local office for training offer in your region)
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