VPS Explicit - Crash performance of composites


In recent years, increasing demands on crash performance and stiffness combined with weight reduction have driven the development of composite materials. Composite materials have long since ceased to be reserved for niche applications or subordinate components. On the contrary, they are already being used for structurally relevant components in series production. In this 1-day seminar, the fundamentals of the calculation of composite structures will be taught. First, an overview of current and future applications of fiber composites will be given. Concepts will be presented to capture the partly complex crash and failure mechanisms in the numerical simulation in a physically correct way. The course will be accompanied by demonstrations and practical exercises.


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No trainings scheduled, only upon request.




Users of PAM-CRASH/-SAFE who especially need to model the material behaviour of fibre reinforced composites in crash loadcases.


Understand the capabilities of VPS in the area of composite crash simulation.


The participation of VPS Explicit - PAM-CRASH I - Grundlagen (Basics) training or comparable knowledge. Ideally this course is combined with the course Composites - Herstellungsprozess (manufacturing process).

Course content

  • Current and future fields of application of composites
  • Available material models and application
  • Single layers and composite layers
  • Failure mechanisms and modelling
  • VPS/PAM-CRASH delamination model
  • Calibration and validation of models
Composites, Virtual Performance
upon request - 1 day - only available for DACH region (please contact local office for training offer in your region)
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