VPS Explicit - Usage of Crash Test Dummy Models


In passive safety vehicle simulations the usage of dummy models has become standard since a long time. The increasing requirements in many different load cases require a realistic behavior of the numerical models. In this course the participants learn fundamental as well as more advanced ways of handling dummy models. The required VPS/PAM-SAFE options are introduced by theoretical and practical applications. For pre- and post-processing Visual-Crash-Pam (VCP) as well as Visual-Viewer will be used. Special focuses in the course for selected topics may be defined on request.


Users of PAM-CRASH/-SAFE who need to use dummy models in their daily work.


Learn to know how dummy models are set-up and used in occupant safety simulations.

Course content

  • Historic Overview, Classification, Terminology
  • General Theory: Failure Criteria, Instability, Damage Mechanics, Mesh Dependency
  • Standard Models: Plastic Strain, Thickening/Thinning, FLD, Damage Mechanics
  • Specialized Models: Kolmogrov-Dell, Johnson-Cook, MATFEM-Model, Hill-Stören-Rice, EWK-Model, ESI Glas Model, Gurson Model
Virtual Performance
1 day - only available for DACH region (please contact local office for training offer in your region)
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