VPS - Fracture Seminar


This two-day course, held in English, is taught by a team of industrial and academic experts. Courses and exercises are also presented by experts from the industry. The Fracture Seminar spans critical topics from metallic, non-metallic and polymer fracture. Thanks to the Fracture Seminar, participants gain a deep understanding of the factors influencing fracture, and better understand the “physics behind the screen” in order to make optimal design decisions. The number of participants is limited to 35, which allows for extensive interaction between participants and lecturers.


Engineers and scientists from industry and research centers who wish to improve their knowledge in the field of fracture mechanics and its application in performance simulations.


Learn from expert speakers the essentials behind metallic and non-metallic fracture modeling and its application to industrial processes.


University Degree in Engineering (Mechanical, Aero, Marine, Civil, Materials, etc.).

Course content

Day1: Metallic Fracture

  • Opening
  • Theory: Overview of some classical fracture models
  • Ductile rupture of metals

Day2: Non-Metallic Fracture

  • Fundamentals of composite fracture
  • Overview of classical numerical composite fracture models
  • Fundamentals of Polymer Fracture
  • Seminar synthesis
  • Concluding remarks
Virtual Performance
2 days
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