VPS - Getting started with Static and NVH simulation


This course is an introduction to the implicit method and to the Virtual Performance Solution (VPS) solver. Participants learn to model in a simple manner static penetration tests, breaking and closing a vehicle door or the static load of vehicle parts (e.g. hood, backrest, beverage owner) and to carry out modal analyses of the Body in White (BIW). A global overview of the capabilities of the code, illustrated by industrial applications, is presented.


CAE engineers, designers and specialists in structural crash.


Learn to perform basic linear and non linear static analysis and modal dynamic analysis using VPS Implicit.


Course content

  • Theory of the implicit solver (linear, nonlinear analysis, modal analysis, harmonic analysis
  • Elements Formulations
  • Modeling Methods with implicit:
    • Supported materials
    • Mesh independent spotweld
    • Joints
    • Boundary conditions, external loadings
    • Coupling of degrees of freedom (MTOCO)
    • Chaining explicit and implicit runs
  • Natural frequency analysis:
    • Single block Lanczos solution
  • Linear static analysis:
    • Stress analysis
  • Non linear static analysis
    • Large displacement non linear solution
    • Material non linear solution
    • Implicit contact treatment
  • Harmonic analysis
  • Recommendations for using implicit or explicit methods

Demonstrations and practical exercises throughout the course, using Visual-Environment.

Virtual Performance
1-2 days (see local schedule for details)