VPS - Occupant safety simulation (Specialist Training Session)


Participants learn to use the major functions and options of VPS for Safety. This course focuses on airbag and belt systems modeling, dummy positioning, as well as barrier models. Practical applications and theory alternate throughout the course. Training concludes with a data record, which contains all VPS for Safety functionalities in the context of a carriage test.


CAE engineers, designers and specialists in structural crash and occupant safety


Learn to use, through practical applications and theory, the different options of Virtual Performance Solution (VPS) software to simulate the effect of restraint systems (such as seatbelts and airbags) and occupants in a crashed vehicle.


Course: VPS - Get started with Virtual Performance Solution or equivalent experience

Course content

  • Airbag modeling:
    • cross-linking and folding
    • multi chambers, initial metric
    • OOP modeling
    • material models for Airbag fabrics
    • contact definition for Airbags
    • TANK test: validation of inflator
    • model parameters
  • Belt modeling:
    • cross-linking and belt fitting
    • slip ring
    • retractor modeling
    • material models for belts
  • Dummies and barriers positioning
  • Multi-Body-Solver
  • Structure of a data record for different VPS for Safety functions:
    • DATA checks/Mesh Improvement
      • initial penetration
      • intersection

Demonstrations and practical exercises throughout the course, using the Visual-Environment pre- and post-processors.

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2 days
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