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Transformation Digitale des PME, découvrez les avantages du programme SIMSEO
Intégrer de nouveaux marchés ou implanter des méthodes de production émergentes - Le risque associé à ces stratégies est souvent trop lourd à supporter pour les PME. Afin de rester à la tête de l'innovation, les fabricants de produits industriels doivent...
Additive Manufacturing, Casting and 3 more

Reaching Optimal Material Quality and Cost Effectiveness with Additive Manufacturing
Additive Manufacturing has been viewed in the Aeronautics and Space industry as a tremendous enabler to reach new horizons: Optimized shapes for mass reduction and mechanical performance, localized maintenance, reduced manufacturing steps… However, the...
Additive Manufacturing

Developing the Safest Autonomous Vehicles with physics-based Sensor Simulation
KEY TOPICS * Implement a Cost and Time-Effective testing strategy that is comprehensive, repeatable, and scalable * Object Identification, Recognition and mapping - Focus on the new lidar model with more realistic detection cloud points  *...
Virtual Systems & Controls

Overcoming Challenges in the Seat Development from early stages
Ensuring the seat design is optimal from the start – The challenge is high for engineers as many of the key seat components have yet to be defined. Virtual Prototyping allows engineering teams to virtually create a seat model with the data available at the...
Virtual Seat

Reaching Optimal Safety and Performance for Electric Vehicles
The Best Performance for Lightweight Designs – Electric powertrains and autonomous driving have impacted all components and architectures of the new vehicles. OEMs are now facing a tedious challenge as they must ensure that electric vehicles maintain the...
Virtual Performance

IC.IDO 12.1 Release Features Webinar
In this webinar, we will introduce new and enhanced capabilities that are available with ESI IC.IDO 12.1, our latest release. The focus of IC.IDO 12.1 is to provide productive capabilities for deployment in Enterprise VR for Engineering. IC.IDO addresses...
Virtual Reality

VA One Release Webinar 2018
-------- VA ONE 2018 MAIN ENHANCEMENTS: -------------------------------------- * Ray Tracing steady-state...

Engineering & Manufacturing High Quality and Cost-Efficient Electrified Vehicles with the Best Possible Range
Mass adoption of Electrified Vehicles - The challenge is on for every OEMs Engineers and manufacturers as they are more than ever looking for solutions to develop High Quality and Cost-Efficient Vehicles. How is virtual prototyping revolutionizing design...
Additive Manufacturing, CFD and 9 more

Ray Tracing Applications for Interior and Exterior Noise Control
Ray Tracing offers a computationally efficient means of performing noise transfer analysis that provide a faster, accurate calculation turn around time when compared with traditional deterministic tools such as BEM.Ray Tracing offers a computationally...

Thermomechanical Behavior of Components in the Nuclear Industry
As nuclear plant operators are more than ever striving to meet compliance with regulatory authorities, a key challenge is providing safety guarantees of the power plant. Virtual Prototyping allows to analyze the challenges in mechanics, heat transfer, and...