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Tool to check quickly your 3D graphics card

Unzip the file attached and execute it then.

This program aims to detect a 3d graphics card driver issue by testing 3d graphics in a very simple program not doing anything else.

Tested functions are:

  • Rendering:  a cube composed of 300x300 quads per face (total 540000 quads) is drawn and can be rotated with same mouse actions as in Pamstamp. During rotation, the count of frames per second (FPS) is displayed in the graphic view. The FPS value is computed by measuring the time spent between two drawings of the cube, the FPS value is then 1 divided by the measured time. The greater the FPS value is, the more performant the graphics card is. A driver issue can be suspected on a standard graphics card when the FPS value is lower than 10 (just an order of magnitude)
  • Picking: when user clicks on one of the cube faces, the picked face index (from 1 to 6) is displayed in the graphic view. With a driver working well, this information is generally displayed quite instantly or in less than one second. If it takes much more, there is a driver issue for sure

If a graphic card driver problem is highlighted by this tool, try to update the driver to its latest version and check its settings: compatibility modes, selection of integrated or dedicated card...

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