Compute Models

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ESI Group distributes some compute models to be used with Virtual Performance Solution.

Some of theses compute models are developped by Humanetics®.
Below are the latest version numbers for the available compute models. To download the latest version of one model, please Contact your subsidiary or your local distributor.


FE Models Latest Version Number
Adult Frontal Impact Humanetics Hybrid III 5th V7.1.4
Humanetics Harmonized Hybrid III 5th V2.0
Humanetics Harmonized Borderline Hybrid III 5th V2.0
Humanetics Hybrid III 50th V8.0.5.1
Humanetics FAA Hybrid III 50th V1.2.4
Humanetics Harmonized Hybrid III 50th V1.5.1
Humanetics Harmonized Borderline Hybrid III 50th V1.5
Humanetics Hybrid III 95th V3.3.1
Humanetics Harmonized Hybrid III 95th V1.0.1
Humanetics THOR 5th V0.7
Humanetics THOR 50th US NCAP V1.8.1
Humanetics THOR 50th Euro NCAP V1.8.1
Rear Impact ESI BioRID II V4.1
Side Impact ESI EUROSID-II V5.7.1
Humanetics SID2s SBL "C" V3.1
Humanetics SID2s SBL "C" RHS V3.0
Humanetics SID2s SBL "D" V4.2.1
Humanetics SID2s SBL "D" RHS V4.2.1
ESI WorldSID 50th V3.3
Children Humanetics Hybrid III 3YO V4.4.3
Humanetics Harmonized Hybrid III 3YO V1.0
Humanetics Hybrid III 6YO V3.3.2
Humanetics Q1 V1.0.2
Humanetics Q1.5 V1.1
Humanetics Q1.5 with APTS V1.1
Humanetics Q3 V1.6
Humanetics Q3 with APTS V1.6.2
Humanetics Q3s V1.1
Humanetics Q6 V2.1.1
Humanetics Q6 with APTS V2.1.2
Humanetics Q10 V1.7
Humanetics Q10 Side Kit V1.7
Humanetics Q10 Euro NCAP V1.5
Humanetics Q10 Euro NCAP with APTS V1.5
Humanetics Q10 Euro NCAP-SK RHD V1.5
Humanetics Q10 Euro NCAP-SK LHD V1.5
Humanetics CRABI 12 Month V1.1.2
MBS Models Latest Version Number
    ESI Hybrid II 5th V4.3.1
ESI Hybrid III 50th V2.1
ESI Hybrid III 50th V5.3.1
ESI Hybrid III 95th V2.3.1
ARB Models Latest Version Number
    ESI Hybrid III 5th V2015
ESI Hybrid III 50th V2015
ESI Hybrid III 95th V2015

Headforms, Bodyblock and Pedestrian Impactors

Headform and BodyBlock Models Latest Version Number
    Humanetics Bodyblock V1.0
Humanetics Hybrid III 50th EMHF V1.1
Humanetics Hybrid III 50th FMH V3.5.2
Humanetics ECE-R129 Seat Cushion V1.0
Pedestrian Impactor Models Latest Version Number
    Child/Small Adult Headform V2019
Adult Headform V2019
Lower Legform V2015
Upper Legform V2015
Humanetics aPLI SBL Legform V1.0

Human Models

  Latest Version Number
    VirtHuman Model V1.5
Pedestrian 6yr V1.0.2
Pedestrian 6yr for ENCAP V1.0
Pedestrian 5th V1.0.2
Pedestrian 5th for ENCAP V1.0
Pedestrian 50th V1.0.2
Pedestrian 50th for ENCAP V1.0
Pedestrian 95th V1.0.2
Pedestrian 95th for ENCAP V1.0


  Latest Version Number
Frontal Impact ODB - EU Front Impact ODB Shell Model V1.9q
ODB-Scale-1 Shell Model V1.8.4q
ODB Solid Model V1.8.4
PDB - Frontal Compatibility PDB Shell Model V1.4q
TRL - Full-width Frontal Deformable Barrier TRL FWDB Shell Model V1.1.1q
NHTSA RMDB - Frontal Research Barrier NHTSA RMDB - Shell Model V1.3.3
Side Impact IIHS Side Impact IIHS Shell Model V1.8.2t
IIHS Refined Shell Model V1.8t
IIHS Solid Model V1.6.2
NHTSA - US Side/Rear Impact NHTSA Shell Model V1.8.2t
NHTSA Refined Shell Model V1.7.4t
NHTSA Solid Model V1.7.4
AE-MDB Future EU Side Impact AE-MDB Shell Model V1.8.1q and V1.8.3t
AE-MDB Refined Shell Model V1.8.1q
AE-MDB Solid Model V1.8
EU-MDB Advanced 2000 EU Side Impact EU-MDB Shell Model V1.8.1t and V1.8q
EU-MDB Refined Shell Model V1.6.5q
EU-MDB Solid Model V1.6
RCAR Bumper - Low Speed   RCAR Bumper - Low Speed Model V1.0