ESI Machining 2019.5

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ESI Machining 2019.5 2020年1月22日

ESI Machining Solution is a unique and inovative solution allowing manufacturers to simulate machining process . It empowers OEMs and suppliers to predict, improve and validate the machined surface quality by modeling the vibrations due to the interactions between the workpiece and the tools.

This version is based on the following platforms versions:

Highlights of this release

Model Set-Up Enhancement:

  • Better Display for Modeling the Toopath  (New)
  • Enhanced Material DB Set-Up (Structural Loads / Mechanics)
  • New Sequencing Process for Distorsions Modeling (Beta)
  • New Model Summary Dialog to display all the Model Set-Up
  • Restart Option
  • New Flip option for the Automatic Tool DB


  • Surface Roughness Tool (New - Beta)
  • Enhanced Amplify Option to display the Workpiece displacements during Machining


  • ERF Amplification Deformation Factor Removed from the Run Parameter Dialog.
  • Default ESI-CSM Solver Control Parameters Modified in order the speed-up the statics/dynamics computations

Bug Fixes:

  • Visual Machining / Multiple Dexel Carpet Definition : Wrong Bounding Box limits calculations that will lead to erroneous results,
  • Visual Machining / Milling Process : Process Tab wasn’t closed in the VE Explorer when switching from pre-mode to post-mode,
  • Visual Machining / Milling Process : When switching from  Pre Mode to Post Mode, a new  ERF Result file is loaded after each switch. Now, if an *.ERF file has been already loaded, it is only refreshed,
  • Visual Machining / Machining Explorer: When selecting a Part, Part Property isn’t listed as an Option,
  • Visual Mesh (Machining): When switching from the Machining Trade to a an other trade, Default Element Quality Criteria used for Checking the surface mesh were changed,
  • Visual Machining / Calculation Start: Solver Location Path wasn’t properly saved at first launching,
  • Visual Machining / Volume Manager: Application was crashing when the Workpiece definition was containing more than one volume,
  • Visual Machining: Many Short Cuts were missing and/or weren’t mentioned,
  • Visual Machining (Viewer): Cutting Depth contour wasn’t correctly displayed at the last step,
  • Visual Machining (Explorer): Dexel Carpet definition not properly listed in the VE Explorer,
  • Visual Machining (Tool DB) : It is possible to generate a dynamic tool when if the tool definition doesn’t contain only closed volumes,
  • Visual Machining (Milling Process) : Clamping conditions ( Locators, anti-vibrator systems, and force/pressure) are now displayed when doing the model set-up in the Machining Surface Skin,
  • Visual Machining (Milling Process) : Nessy2M computation was stopped when the Run Parameter Dialog was closed,
  • Visual Machining (Dexel Carpet Model Set-up): Dexel Carpet definition wasn’t correctly stored in the Data Model when the Advanced Mode is used,
  • Visual Machining (Tool DB): Rename Tool option wasn’t properly working when the tool had a dynamic definition. The dynamic modeling wasn’t correctly renamed,
  • Visual Machining (History Points): Rename Tool option wasn’t properly working when the tool had a dynamic definition. The dynamic model wasn’t correctly renamed,

For more information please have a look at Visual-Environment 15.5 Release Notes and Installation Guide

ソフトウェアドキュメント (ESI Machining 2019.5)


ソフトウェアファイル (ESI Machining 2019.5)

Visual-Environment 15.5 Help for Windows

Windows 64 Bits
1.72 GB
Software Full Version
MD5 : 29bdbcd589dcba71a750afd1bd894713

Visual-Environment Help 15.5 for Windows with 64-bit processors.

How to Install:

Unzip in  a temporary directory and execute Setup.exe

ESI MACHINING 2019.5 for Windows

Windows 64 Bits
3.24 GB
Software Full Version
MD5 : d1171559bed2d72c66de548ead398ca9

ESI Machining 2019.5 installer for Windows including Visual-Environment 15.5, Nessy2M solver 2019.0, CSM Solver 2019.0 and ESI-Player 2.5

How to install:

Unzip in a temporaty directory and execute MachiningSetup.exe