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NOVA 2015.0 2015年3月25日

ESI NOVA is a multipurpose acoustics prediction tool based on the transfer matrix method (TMM). This method is essentially based on the representation of plane wave propagation in different media in terms of transfer matrices.

This approach easily allows for multi-layers made up from a combination of elastic, porous-elastic and fluid layers. In a given layer, sound propagation is represented by a transfer matrix [T] such that V(M1) = [T] V(M2), where M1 and M2 are two points set close to the forward and backward face of the layer, respectively, and where the components of the vector V(M) are the variables which describe the acoustic field in a point M of the medium. Using continuity equations at different interfaces and the impedance equations in the source and receiving domains (assumed semi-infinite), a global system of equation is formed and solved for the reflection and transmission coefficients.

An improvement of the classical transfer matrix method, called FTMM (Finite Transfer Matrix Method) is implemented in NOVA to take account of the finite size effects on the prediction of acoustic indicators in diffuse field. Compared to the basic transfer matrix method, the finite transfer matrix method improves dramatically the low frequency predictions. Moreover, for absorption problems, it leads to the absorption measured in reverberation rooms.

Refer to NOVA 2015 Release Notes for more details about this version.

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