PAM-STAMP 2018.0

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PAM-STAMP 2018.0 2018年1月22日
  • PAM-STAMP 2018.0 release enables the user to be far more efficient with the setup and analysis of complete line die simulations, whether investigating a quick feasibility variant or an in-depth validation of the entire sheet metal forming process.

Highlights of the release:

  • Easily identify the best material model (including. Yield Locus Display) thanks to the new ESI Mat-Wizard Add-On.
  • Use Yoshida 6th order for shells.
  • Find the most influencing area for springback.
  • Combine the usage of Macros and Process Editor.
  • Contact management for implicit.
  • Scalability for adaptive meshes.
  • Spacers on cams.
  • Import of recent CAD file formats.
  • Tube forming stability.
  • Usability (output list from bottom, sources group management, history curves in multistage,...).

Please refer to the on-line help for more info on these new capabilities.

View PAM-STAMP 2018 Release Notes for more details.

ソフトウェアドキュメント (PAM-STAMP 2018.0)

PAM-STAMP V2018 バージョンアップセミナー
PAM-STAMP_V2018_0_VerUpSeminar_JP.pdf (4.57 MB)
PAM-STAMP 2018.0 - Release Notes & Installation Guide
PAM-STAMP-2018.0_ReleaseNotes.pdf (4.25 MB)

ソフトウェアファイル (PAM-STAMP 2018.0)

Windows 64 Bits
852.96 MB
Software Full Version
MD5 : a4eb94942ec6a9538aa241c65ba51c6f

PAM-STAMP User Interface, SMP/DMP Solvers and Optimizer for Windows 7, 8.1 or 10

How to install:

Unzip in a temporary directory and execute setup.exe


Linux 64 Bits (Intel x86 proc. only)
830.83 MB
Software Full Version
ファイル名: Stamp2018r0_Solvers_Linux-Intel64.tar.gz
MD5 : ff436e72396fcad59304eaba1f5ab1b5

PAM-STAMP SMP/DMP Solvers and Optimizer for RedHat Linux Enterprise / CentOS 6 or SUSE Linux Enterprise 12 Operating Systems running with Intel Xeon based processors

How to install:

Untar (tar xvf) Stamp2018r0_Solvers_Linux-Intel64.tar.gz in a temporary directory and execute ./INSTALL.SH