PAM-STAMP 2022.1

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PAM-STAMP 2022.1 2023年3月22日

PAM-STAMP 2022.1 brings several bug fixes on top of V2022.0.

Please have a look at PAM-STAMP Release Notes to get more info on the new capabilities.

ソフトウェアファイル (PAM-STAMP 2022.1)

PAM-STAMP 2022.1 for Windows

Windows 64 Bits
833.43 MB
Full Version
MD5 : 06c2d368df3083f75b41036df0002ce1

PAM-STAMP User Interface, DMP Solvers and Optimizer for Windows 10.

How to install:

Unzip in a temporary directory and execute setup.exe


PAM-STAMP 2022.1 for Linux

Linux 64 Bits (Intel x86 proc. only)
866.77 MB
Full Version
ファイル名: Stamp2022r1_Linux.tar.gz
MD5 : c717e26f24e6584082563457e50c8946

PAM-STAMP DMP Solvers and Optimizer for RedHat Linux Enterprise / CentOS 7 to 8 or SUSE Linux Enterprise 12 & 15 Operating Systems running with Intel Xeon based processors

How to install:

Uncompress (tar xvf) Stamp2022r1_Linux.tar.gz in a temporary directory and execute ./INSTALL.SH