Pro-SiVIC 2018.0.1

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ESI Pro-SiVICTM enables to build simulations of multi-frequency sensors embedded on either static or dynamic devices, equipment or vehicles, interacting within their complexes environments including other devices with their own material characteristics and different weather conditions.

Previous releases of Pro-SiVICTM have mainly addressed the automotive domain, dealing with the testing of advanced driving assistance system s and autonomous cars intelligence systems.


Highlights of the release:


The release Pro-SiVICTM 2018.0 supports some new functionality, such as

  • a new physics based laser scanner model,
  • an improved efficient and simple external program API (cross-OS / multi-pc operation)
  • simplification of camera labelled image generation (automatically annotated images)
  • first FMI implementation (through an application note)
  • new road sign libraries for US and Japan
  • new 3D vehicle models and pedestrian models

In addition, a Windows x64 build is now available (2018.0.1).

A number of bugs reported by users have been corrected, and improvements in areas of performance, GUI and vehicle model behavior have been made (see the version release notes for the detail).

Application Notes (tutorials on specific topics) are now directly available within the software installation.

See the Release Notes of Pro-SiVICTM 2018.0.1 for more details.

Pro-SiVIC 2018.0.1 :
Windows 64 Bits 2.43 GB Full Version
MD5: 79190ae8fbd26758404131b9e80cf296

Pro-SiVIC 2018.0.1 installer for Windows 7 SP1, 8.1 or 10 Operating Systems.

How to install:

Unzip in a temporary directory and execute setup.exe

Follow instructions available in Pro-SiVICTM 2018.0.1 Release Notes (Installation Guide section).