ProCAST 2022.0

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ProCAST 2022.0 2022年8月4日

ESI ProCAST 2022.0: an integrated software suite for the foundry industry to improve casting yield and quality.

This version includes:

  • ProCAST Solver 2022.0,
  • QuikCAST Solver 2022.0,
  • PAM-OPT 2022.0,
  • Visual-Environment 18.0
  • ESI-Player 5.0

Simulate the Complete Casting Process for Defect-Free Parts Every Time With a Single Tool.

Please liaise with local support for more information. You can also get information about What's new here.

ProCAST 2022.0 - Release Notes (26.6 MB)
ProCAST 2022.0 - Installation Guide
ProCAST_2022-0_InstallationGuide_revB.pdf (1.06 MB)
ProCAST 2022.0 - What's New
ProCAST_2022-0_WhatsNew.pdf (7.88 MB)
ProCAST 2022.0 - Free Open Source Software License Information (1.03 MB)
ProCAST 2022.0 - Release Notes (ESI ProCAST 2022.0 リリースノート)
ESI_ProCAST_2022.0_ReleaseNotes_JP.pdf (2.75 MB)
ProCAST 2022.0 - Installation Guide (ProCAST2022.0_インストールガイド(Windows))
ProCAST2022.0_InstallationGuide_Windows_JP.pdf (2.24 MB)

ソフトウェアファイル (ProCAST 2022.0)

ProCAST 2022.0 for Windows

Windows 64 Bits
4.22 GB
Full Version
MD5 : 6a340a5cad91230781bf9c5d1bcb3ede

ProCAST 2022.0 installer for Windows 10 Version 1809 or higher.

How to install:

Unzip in a temporary directory and execute ProCAST setup.exe

ProCAST 2022.0 for Linux

Linux 64 Bits (all x86 proc)
4.31 GB
Full Version
ファイル名: ProCAST20220_Linux64.tar.gz
MD5 : 3219df27cbcc9d96f68c9df99521b1cd

ProCAST 2022.0 installer package for RedHat/CentOS 7.6 Linux Distribution (or higher)

How to install:

Uncompress ProCAST20220_Linux64.tar.gz archive (tar xvf) and execute ./INSTALL.SH