SimulationX 4.3.1

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SimulationX 4.3.1 2022年1月17日

ESI’s SimulationX® provides you with state-of-the-art technology in physical system simulation. As a single platform for modeling and analyzing dynamic system behavior, you can use it in various engineering fields. SimulationX allows you to fully analyze the interaction between your system’s parts, components and assemblies (subsystems). Identify and optimize the parameters with the biggest influence on the system behavior and design new concepts. Based on the open model description language Modelica®, SimulationX comes with many predefined model libraries that can be used out-of-the-box. You can also extend SimulationX with your own application-specific libraries or integrate SimulationX into your CAE world via interfaces, such as FMI®, Executable Model or our many XiL interfaces.

Highlights of this release

SimulationX 4.3 comes with many exciting new elements and features to enhance whole-vehicle simulation and electrification analyses. In addition, it is updated to fully support Modelica 3.4 and the Modelica Standard Library 4.0, including conversion scripts to adapt older system models to the new library versions.

Enhanced Vehicle Simulation: Land and Air

  • OBJ Scenery Import for Visualization
  • Simcenter Tire and FTire Interfaces
  • Point Contact and Ground Contact Elements
  • Aerospace Vehicles in Driving Maneuvers

New Elements and Functions

  • Electric Motor Models for Vibration Analyses
  • Electrolyzer and Fuel Cell for Hydrogen Power
  • Ship Energy Systems Battery Unit and Battery Management System
  • Bi-Directional Faults in System Reliability Analysis

New Interfaces and Simulation Services

  •  JMAG-RT Generic Model Interface
  • Integrate a PGD Reduced Order Model in SimulationX
  • Create a Simulation Queue using the System Simulation Service
  • Deploy a Model to the Cloud

Releases Notes

Software Documentation (SimulationX)
Find the full online SimulationX user manual here:

Library Manual (only English)

ソフトウェアファイル (SimulationX 4.3.1)

SimulationX 4.3.1

Windows 64 Bits
1.02 GB
Full Version
ファイル名: SimulationX-
MD5 : d2a4afbcf6d40910424921f031da5374

SimulationX 4.3.1 main installer for Windows

SimulationX 4.3.1 - Software Documentation

Windows 64 Bits
476.96 MB
Full Version
ファイル名: SimulationX-4.3.1-Help.msi
MD5 : ba856f9153fbe5d85ae81cc1e694d630

SimulationX 4.3.1 Software Documentation local installation for Windows

SimulationX 4.3.1 - CAD Import Plugin

Windows 64 Bits
272.92 MB
Full Version
ファイル名: SimulationX4.3-CAD-Import-Plugin-x64.exe
MD5 : 5095fb170c7e54a6ebdac06c2a0f2dfb

SimulationX 4.3 CAD Import Plugin for Windows

SimulationX 4.3.1 - FEM Import

Windows 64 Bits
547.94 MB
Full Version
MD5 : c523b933717068a09ef8463ac724dc2d

SimulationX 4.3.1 FEM Import package for Windows

SimulationX 4.3.1 - Order Analysis

Windows 64 Bits
19.59 MB
Full Version
ファイル名: Order-Analysis-
MD5 : 8485b512deb12bb6d38f63786a55408f

Order Analysis for SimulationX 4.3.1 on Windows

SimulationX 4.3.1 - FMU Co-Simulation Target for Simulink Coder

Windows 64 Bits
1.79 MB
Full Version
ファイル名: FMUCo-SimulationTargetforSimulinkCoder-
MD5 : 1669007ecb0487b71662a1be06e1e7a5

FMU Co-Simulation Target for Simulink Coder installer for SimulationX 4.3.1 on Windows

SimulationX 4.3 Addin: PGD Importer (version 211223)

Windows 64 Bits
76.4 MB
Full Version
ファイル名: RomInterfaces_211223.sxaddin
MD5 : 5bbc4daa90790b860f10201a1650d204

PGD Importer (version 211223) Addin for SimulationX 4.3

The PGD Importer addin is a tool for SimulationX that allows you to integrate parametric solutions from the results of a three-dimensional FEM or CFD simulation into your SimulationX model.

The addin makes use of ESI's proprietary PGD (Proper Generalized Decomposition) technology with the accompanying file format EPGD2. Importing PGDs as SimulationX blocks enriches your system model with the results of detailed 3D simulations of flexible bodies or complex flow structures.

When you import the PGD as a SimulationX block, it is necessary to know some key information about the original 3D model, such as interface mesh node IDs, to generate the correct interface connectors.
If this information is not known beforehand, ESI's Visual-Viewer or the ESI-Player visualization tools can be used to explore the 3D model in detail.

Follow these instructions (available in German language) for usage of this addin.

SimulationX 4.3 Addin: Simulation Service (version 1.0)

Windows 64 Bits
38.79 MB
Full Version
ファイル名: SimulationServiceAddIn_1.0.sxaddin
MD5 : a72b7ae704e87846361ea9e1c593af20

Simulation Service (version 1.0) Addin for SimulationX 4.3

The Simulation Service addin allows you to run multiple simulations on your local machine in the background.

This functionality uses the free licenses available for the Professional or Analyzer edition of SimulationX.

Follow these instructions (available in German language) for usage of this addin.