SimulationX 4.4.1

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ESI’s SimulationX® provides you with state-of-the-art technology in physical system simulation. As a single platform for modeling and analyzing dynamic system behavior, you can use it in various engineering fields. SimulationX allows you to fully analyze the interaction between your system’s parts, components and assemblies (subsystems). Identify and optimize the parameters with the biggest influence on the system behavior and design new concepts. Based on the open model description language Modelica®, SimulationX comes with many predefined model libraries that can be used out-of-the-box. You can also extend SimulationX with your own application-specific libraries or integrate SimulationX into your CAE world via interfaces, such as FMI®, Executable Model or our many XiL interfaces.

Highlights of this release

SimulationX 4.4 incorporates a number of changes that increase scope and flexibility. The functionality that is made available already with the Basic Module has been extended considerably. SimulationX 4.4 already supports FMI 3.0, the specification of which has been released in May 2022. 

Expanding SimulationX Capabilities for all Users

  • All fault modeling capabilities, performance indicators and feature extraction are now contained in the Basic Module or the respective libraries (hydraulics, pneumatics, electrics) and are available under the corresponding licenses. This enables the manual examination and tuning of fault-augmented models. System Reliability Analysis will now focus on the automated execution of fault simulation and analytics.
  • Advanced signal blocks are now part of the Basic Module.
  • All co-simulation features and links to external optimization tools are now provided in the Basic Module.  

Boosting Flexibility

  • SimulationX 4.4 introduces a flexible token license scheme that is applicable to the majority of the modeling and analysis features. Such licenses contain the Basic Module and a set of tokens, which a user can spend for flexibly enabling features he needs for a current task. The decision of what to use can be changed with every start of SimulationX. The number of tokens available controls the number of features that can be used concurrently.
  • Python Jupyter notebooks now can be embedded into SimulationX models and can be handled through the SimulationX GUI. This significantly simplifies the creation of workflows, as well as pre- and postprocessing tasks.

New Libraries

  • SimulationX enables the BRSL Rexroth Simulation Library for modeling and simulation of  hydraulic and electric drive technology.
  • A new battery library describes batteries under steady-state operating conditions and connects directly to SimulationX Electrical and Thermal libraries. This broadens the capabilities to simulate e.g. electrical vehicle applications, especially for range prediction.

Code Export

  • In SimulationX 4.4 all code export targets are combined under a single license, offering increased flexibility for users. The code export is now provided under two licensing options, where:
    1. The exported and compiled code requires a run-time license to be executed outside SimulationX. This addresses use cases, where a single or only a few users work with the exported models.
    2. The exported code does not require a license for execution and can be freely shared and re-used. This addresses use cases where exported code is extensively shared and used.
  • SimulationX now generates FMI for co-simulation according to the new FMI 3.0 Standard. The export supports all mandatory features and will gradually expand its capabilities in the oncoming releases.
  • A new Implicit Euler solver for exported code considerably accelerates the simulation speed for large and stiff equation systems.


Releases Notes

ENGLISH: SimulationX 4.4.1 (July 2022)

GERMAN: SimulationX 4.4.1 (July 2022)

Software Documentation (SimulationX)
Find the full online SimulationX user manual here:

ENGLISH: SimulationX Help Center

GERMAN: SimulationX Help Center

Library Manual (only English)

SimulationX 4.4.1
Windows 64 Bits 1.04 GB Full Version
ファイル名: SimulationX-
MD5: f4aaa1ad3f480c3310de4d769bbe4930

SimulationX 4.4.1 main installer for Windows

SimulationX 4.4.1 - Software Documentation
Windows 64 Bits 403.51 MB Full Version
ファイル名: SimulationX-4.4.1-Help.msi
MD5: 406e149ed82e356cbaf744733b4a663e

SimulationX 4.4.1 Software Documentation local installation for Windows

SimulationX 4.4.1 - CAD Import Plugin
Windows 64 Bits 272.87 MB Full Version
ファイル名: SimulationX4.4-CAD-Import-Plugin-x64.exe
MD5: ed65d33c1efb816b77ff795c86f488b8

SimulationX 4.4 CAD Import Plugin for Windows

SimulationX 4.4.1 - FEM Import
Windows 64 Bits 548 MB Full Version
MD5: f71eba3e5a7c6de08d3ad0dde89af02a

SimulationX 4.4.1 FEM Import package for Windows

SimulationX 4.4.1 - Order Analysis
Windows 64 Bits 22.28 MB Full Version
ファイル名: Order-Analysis-
MD5: ee982c014686f8dd53560dc1771adc4e

Order Analysis for SimulationX 4.4.1 on Windows

SimulationX 4.4.1 - FMU Co-Simulation Target for Simulink Coder
Windows 64 Bits 1.8 MB Full Version
ファイル名: FMUCo-SimulationTargetforSimulinkCoder-
MD5: 3e4b1eb43cf16062dc94813f4477bcec

FMU Co-Simulation Target for Simulink Coder installer for SimulationX 4.4.1 on Windows

SimulationX 4.4.1 Addin: Simulation Service (version 1.01)
Windows 64 Bits 38.61 MB Full Version
ファイル名: SimulationServiceAddIn_1.01.sxaddin
MD5: 099e5af59f7c1e30f1ea073d7588d963

Simulation Service (version 1.01) Addin for SimulationX 4.4

The Simulation Service addin allows you to run multiple simulations on your local machine in the background.

This functionality uses the free licenses available for the Professional or Analyzer edition of SimulationX.

Follow these instructions (available in German language) for usage of this addin.

SimulationX 4.4.1 - ROM Interfaces
Windows 64 Bits 74.8 MB Full Version
ファイル名: RomInterfaces_220622.sxaddin
MD5: 1971f191bc35f7ddb1d246756ed72414

SimulationX 4.4.1 Software ROM Interfaces local installation for Windows