VA One 2017.0

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VA One 2017.0 2017年10月19日

ESI VA One 2017 offers a wide range of enhancements that will enable users to address common modeling applications even more easily in the automotive, aerospace, marine and industry sectors.

Highlights of this release:

  • Built-in support for Python as powerful new scripting tool with high degree of interaction with VA One
  • Boundary Element Method (BEM) performance and efficiency improvements including ability to model arbitrary impedance on infinite plane
  • Significant Hybrid / Finite Element Method (FEM) improvements in terms of performance and efficiency with new options for mass matrices
  • Several improvements to wavenumber processing including the ability to directly use BEM results to define a General Surface Pressure (GSP) load to Statistical Energy Analysis (SEA) models
  • New support and functionality for extracting representative area impedances from Noise Control Treatments (NCTs) through high-level interface
  • Added modal data memory options for saving FE Subsystem mass matrices.
  • Added support for FE Face Groups.
  • Added support for handling irregular frequencies in the standard BEM solver.
  • Added the ability to apply an impedance to a rigid infinite plane of a BEM fluid.
  • Added a "Create Area Isolator from NCT" script to create a general area isolator from a specified noise control treatment lay-up.
  • Added Python® 3.6.1 in VA ONE as a scripting language.
  • Added a Python console tab to the log window for interactive access to Python® functions.
  • Improved FMM solver to extend its capabilities in terms of the octree depth and high clustered data.
  • Improved 3D solid element formulation for PEM subsystems.
  • Improved wavenumber analysis.

View more details about this release in VA One 2017 Release Notes document.

ソフトウェアドキュメント (VA One 2017.0)


ソフトウェアファイル (VA One 2017.0)

Windows 64 Bits
603.94 MB
QA Test Cases
MD5 : 5f52aa418d40338b7aaf2f80935784f0

VA One 2017 Validation & QA files.


Windows 64 Bits
1.47 GB
Software Full Version
ファイル名: VAOne2017.msi
MD5 : 4fe5d8b0d050f881145c453785de6ef1

VA One 2017 ( on Windows 7, 8.1 or 10


Windows 64 Bits
345.45 MB
Software Full Version
ファイル名: blueCFD-Core-2.3-1-win64-setup.exe
MD5 : 25319b85ed4fb93a32c80264d65b1cb4

blueCAPE BlueCFD®-Core OpenFOAM 2.3.1 installer for Windows.

Visit blueCAPE website for details about this OpenFOAM release


Windows 64 Bits
404.52 MB
Software Full Version
ファイル名: VAOne2017-CAD-Import.msi
MD5 : 69d385b573845250012bfc718c45a1e3

VA One 2017 CAD Import Plug-In.


Windows 64 Bits
1.6 MB
Software Full Version
ファイル名: VAOne2017-MarineModeler.msi
MD5 : 58a3a2c70afd5dd8111cfd8871218269

VA One 2017 Marine Modeler Module


Linux 64 Bits (all x86 proc)
854.13 MB
Software Full Version
ファイル名: VAOne2017_solver_1.12.0-6.x86_64.tar.gz
MD5 : eb5110afd04091d3bd53c6783bfec47c

VA One 2017 Batch Solver ( for RedHat Linux Enterprise 6+

Installation instructions:

The batch solver allows you to solve and save model files (.xml or .va1) that are platform independent. A .va1 file saved by the batch solver on Linux can also be opened by the graphical user interface of VA One on Windows. It is important to note that .va1 files created with earlier versions of VA One must saved in the VA One 2016.5 GUI (available on Windows only) before being used with the batch solver.

The Linux version of the VA One batch solver is distributed as a compressed tar archive VAOne2017_solver_1.12.0-6.x86_64.tar.gz

Note, you do not need to log in as super-user (root), but you will need permissions to add files to the directory where the tar archive file will be uncompressed.

1. Choose a location for the files on the workstation, for example, /opt/ESI.

2. Download the archive into the chosen destination folder.

3. Extract the content of the compressed archive to create the VA One 2017 directory.

cd /opt/ESI

tar -xvzf VAOne2017_solver_1.12.0-6.x86_64.tar.gz

4. Verify the files have been copied.

ls -l /opt/ESI/VAOne2017