VA One 2021.1

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VA One 2021.1 2021年12月15日

 VA One 2021.1 contains several enhancements and corrections related to the modeling and simulation experience for its users across a wide range of industries, applications and methods.

Highlights of the version:

  • Fixed potentially fatal error related to importing and converting closed cylinders from earlier versions
  • Fixed potentially fatal error related to creating a flat flexible SEA subsystem from non-flat geometry
  • Restored ability to copy and paste all nodes, including those created from sectioning operations
  • Added the ability to copy and paste the navigation state of the 3D view
  • Several plotting enhancements and fixes, including sorting and multiple curves
  • When a solution fails to due to numerical issues related to junctions, VA ONE will print the name of the junction that caused the failure
  • Improved the calculation of length and width for flexible doubly-curved SEA shells.
  • Fixed bug where connected SEA subsystems created disconnected FE Subsystems after a meshing operation
  • Several other bug fixes (including several related to the RAYON BEM Solver)

For more information please refer to the VA One 2021.1 Release Notes.

VA One 2021.1 - Release Notes (157.53 KB)

ソフトウェアファイル (VA One 2021.1)

VA ONE 2021.1 Installer

Windows 64 Bits
1.32 GB
Full Version
ファイル名: VAONE2021.1.msi
MD5 : e4383efa0418a5dfa0aff7a330108478


VA One 2021.1 ( on Windows 10

VA ONE 2021.1 CAD-Import Plug In

Windows 64 Bits
308 MB
Full Version
ファイル名: VAONE2021.1-CADImportModules.msi
MD5 : c4d55147e363c708cf89269dc6bc2649

VA One 2021.1 CAD Import Plug-In

VA ONE 2021.1 Batch Solver on for Linux

Linux 64 Bits (all x86 proc)
1.47 GB
Full Version
ファイル名: VAONE-2021.1.tar.bz2
MD5 : 9700fa7fdb0bc13a8a73f8eee83c10c3

VA One 2021.1 Batch Solver (1.---) for RHEL/CentOS 6 or 7

Installation procedure for the VA One command-line batch solver (64bit only) on Linux

- Intel 64 or AMD64 processor
- Minimum 8 GB RAM
- Minimum 5 GB disk space
- Red Hat Enterprise 7, Centos 7, or Suse Linux Enterprise 12
- Intel MPI Library Runtime Environment 5.0 for DMP BEM
- blueCFD-Core (OpenFOAM) from for non-uniform FE Acoustic

VA ONE 2021.0 Validation & QA

Windows 64 Bits
480.16 MB
Full Version
MD5 : e12fb8fee0dba951bd480d84ac53c4f3

VA One 2021.1 Validation & QA

VA ONE 2021.01 - Blue CFD Core OpenFOAM 2.1.3

Windows 64 Bits
345.45 MB
Full Version
ファイル名: blueCFD-Core-2.3-1-win64-setup.exe
MD5 : 25319b85ed4fb93a32c80264d65b1cb4

BlueCFD®-Core OpenFOAM 2.3.1 (by blueCAPE)

Visit blueCAPE website for details about this OpenFOAM release