Virtual Review Participant - reviewer orientation and practice

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IC.IDO Virtual Reality

You've been invited to participate in a collaborative Virtual Reality review prepared using IC.IDO, but you haven't previously participated in as in IC.IDO review before. You will want to assure that the review meeting maximizes on engineering and process validation work (and minimizes time spent on orienting Virtual Reality novices like yourself or your teammates). This downloadable tutorial IC.IDO session will let new or less experience participants get familiar with the the capabilities of IC.IDO used by review participants. This tutorial is not about MAKING the IC.IDO session, but more about how to USE or CONSUME an ICIDO session that has been prepared in advance of the engineering review.

It seems like most Virtual Reality review meetings and/or pilot process validation workshops needs time invested in orienting review participants into the controls, commands, and features of the VR application used as part of the review. This creates risk that time spent familarizing stakeholders with VR technology reduces time spent emerging potential issues with a product design or process plan.

To reduce that risk, the Customer Experience team of ESI North America prepared this tutorial session to let your stakeholders to get familiar with participation in reviews in a safe environment. This way, participants arriving to your engineering review will already be primed to paticipate in the review, maximizing time spent identifying, evaluatiing, recording, and resolving any issues that they may observe in the Human Centric Process validations for new or novel Products that you and your enterprise are taking to market.

The session was created and saved in IC.IDO Version 15.x. It must be run in that version or newer for best performance.



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