Cold forming - Die face design and forming validation

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Getting started with 22 videos step by step, from die face design with VISUAL DIEMAKER 10.8 including DIESTARTER to simulation with PAM-STAMP 2015.0.

This training covers an engineering approach including iterations between die face design and simulation for stamping operation until trimming and flanging operations.


About the course

Each step is showed in a dedicated video. Inputs data are provided to reproduce the training.

  1. Import and Clean with VISUAL-DIEMAKER
  2. Part definition with VISUAL-DIEMAKER
  3. Part preparation with VISUAL-DIEMAKER
  4. DIESTARTER definition
  5. DIESTARTER export
  6. PAM-STAMP setup after import DIESTARTER files
  7. VISUAL-DIEMAKER export modifications
  8. PAM-STAMP new setup to run after process changes done in VISUAL-DIEMAKER
  9. VISUAL-DIEMAKER profile endpoint surface
  10. VISUAL-DIEMAKER addendum profiles
  11. VISUAL-DIEMAKER die opening line
  12. VISUAL-DIEMAKER addendum surfaces
  13. VISUAL-DIEMAKER control curve
  14. VISUAL-DIEMAKER binder fitting
  15. VISUAL-DIEMAKER fillet
  16. VISUAL-DIEMAKER export
  17. PAM-STAMP new setup to run after CAD changes done in VISUAL-DIEMAKER
  18. VISUAL-DIEMAKER part replace
  19. VISUAL-DIEMAKER export
  20. PAM-STAMP new setup to run after part replace done in VISUAL-DIEMAKER
  21. VISUAL-DIEMAKER trimlines flanges and export
  22. PAM-STAMP final setup to run after addition of trimming and flanging operation done in VISUAL-DIEMAKER