VPS User Conference 2020

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Thursday Morning Session

M. Pašek, J. Štych, P. Chlopčíková: Welcome

Virtual Performance Solution 2020: Overview

J.-C. Allain, W. v Hal, A. Trameçon: Virtual Performance Solution – Overview

Virtual Performance Solution 2020: Explicit

J.-C. Allain, A. Petitjean: VPS 2020 – Material and Assembly Updates

A. Petitjean: VPS 2020 – Explicit Generic Topics

A. Trameçon, M. Schäfer: VPS 2020 – FPM Update for Compressible and Incompressible Flow


Thursday Afternoon Session

Virtual Performance Solution 2020: Implicit

W. v Hal: VPS 2020 – Implicit Features

R. Almenar, W. v Hal: Chaining VPS Implicit with OpenFOAM

Airbag Modelling and Waterflow Management

A. Trameçon, J.-C. Allain: Airbag Modelling in VPS and Visual Environment

M. Schäfer, A. Trameçon: Waterflow Management Applications in VPS


Friday Morning Session

M. Pašek, J. Štych: Welcome

Visual Environment and VPS Applications

J. Šašek: Driving Simulation in VPS

H. Kykalová: Visual Environment 15.5 and 16.0

VPS Quiz

Users´ presentations and VPS Applications

J.-C. Allain: Updates on Numerical Scattering Handling with VPS

S. Müller, W. v Hal: VPS Composites

S. Špirk: Numerical Simulation of Pedestrian Collision with Tram

Official closing of VPS User Forum 2020

M. Pašek, J. Štych, P. Chlopčíková: Thank you and goodbye