Cold forming - Getting started with advanced and try-out die engineering

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About the course

  • Students work from the beginning of the course with the software
  • Students exercise the first 4 hours the complete process - from automatic die face design to forming results
  • The course proceeds in digestible milestones
  • All needed working techniques are explained – step by step
  • Working techniques are documented with more then 80 videos
  • Videos can be played with any device, independently
  • Documentation focuses on engineering, tips and tricks and how to
  • Many examples are included
  • A complete example is exercised, from early feasibility to validation for tryout, springback and compensation, including draw bead and blank shape optimization
  • Students take the complete course with all videos home and can repeat any part of the course at any time


Examples used in the training

  • Front Hood Reinforcement - Standard, straight and nonlinear tailored blank
  • Door inner - tailored blank
  • Hood frame with following operations
  • Hot forming samples