PAM-STAMP - Basic Training

Learn how to perform stamping simulation using the PAM-STAMP solution covering the entire tooling process, from forming to final validation.
CAE engineers, model designers, etc

Basic knowledge of the stamping process and of CAE software.


This course focuses on an introduction to PAM-STAMP (Graphical user interface, process setup for fast feasibility, and production validation). Participants learn to prepare models, run simulations, and evaluate results via the PAM-STAMP Graphical User Interface.

お探しのものが見つかりませんでしたか? カスタマイズトレーニングを依頼

Day 1

  • GUI overview
  • OP manager
  • Tools definitions
  • Blank definitions
  • Single Action process
  • Post-processing
  • Line bead definition
    • Uniform
    • Non-uniform

Day 2

  • Geometrical bead from CAD and tools with offset
  • Multi OP
  • Trim line compensation
  • Springback compensation
  • Surface reconstruction with iCapp

Day 3

  • Cam definitions
  • Blank line compensation
  • Inverse – Flattening
    • Flattening part
    • Trimming line development
    • Flattening on curved surfaces
  • Control Fixture
    • Gravity on lower
    • Closing sequence
  • Material creation and MAT-WIZARD