VPS Explicit - Advanced Crash Modeling

Extend your know-how with advanced VPS options. Learn how to derive component simulations from full car simulations and combine different levels of detail. Learn to transfer simulation-/manufacturing results to a subsequent simulation. Learn to combine different load cases and disciplines in one simulation. Learn to analyze and improve the performance and robustness of the simulation.
Engineers that already have gathered experience in crash simulations.

The course is aimed at users of VPS/PAM-CRASH who have already gained initial experience in performing crash simulations. Options will be worked through that allow users to represent the physics of the considered problems in even more detail. The theoretical part is accompanied by a practical exercise.

お探しのものが見つかりませんでしたか? カスタマイズトレーニングを依頼

Day 1

  • Substructure option
  • Multi-Model-Coupling
  • Shell-Solid-Remeshing
  • Chaining of simulations
    • Picking
    • Initial Metric
    • Import/Export
    • Inverse solver
    • Multistage option
  • Performance tuning
  • Overview of Modular Input