VPS Explicit - Basic Crash Modeling

Learn about and understand the basic aspects of crash simulations. Discover how to set up a simple component crash model step by step with all essential options, evaluate the results, and confirm their plausibility.
Engineers that use VPS/PAM-CRASH to solve dynamic structural problems.

Basic knowledge of the Finite Element Method is beneficial.


For efficient and successful working with VPS/PAM-CRASH, a solid understanding of the basic algorithms of an explicit code, as well as of the essential program options, are necessary. Therefore, after a short overview of the history of crash simulation and the general capabilities of VPS/PAM-CRASH, the course will give an introduction to how to solve structural problems with explicit time integration. Subsequently, all options will be explained, which are required to perform a standard crash simulation. The course is accompanied by exercises.

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Day 1

  • Theory of explicit FEM
  • Pre-/post-processing, input/output structure
  • Boundary conditions, external loads
  • Element types

Day 2

  • Material models
  • Kinematic options
  • Contact modeling
  • Rigid bodies, spotweld modeling

Day 3

  • Modeling elastic-plastic problems
  • Time step control
  • Restart, Energy balance, stability