SimulationX - Basic Training

Learn about and understand the basic aspects of system modeling. Get an insight into the functional range of the software and learn interesting facts about the possible applications for modeling, simulating, and analyzing complex technical systems.



This course focuses on the introduction to SimulationX, starting with the exploration of the Graphical user interface. Participants learn how to set up a model, how to simulate them, and evaluate the results in the Graphical User Interface. Several exercises will support the handling of SimulationX. Furthermore, you will gain the ability to create your own models for individual applications.

日程 Duration Training type 場所 言語 Price
- 9am - 1pm CEST Live - Online EMEA / ASIA English 600 € - euro REGISTER
- 9am - 1pm CEST Live - Online EMEA / ASIA English 600 € - euro REGISTER
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Day 1

  • Explanation of the graphical user interface
  • Basics for network modeling and signal flow-oriented modeling, as well as the creation of multi-domain models
  • Overview of the range of functions, features, and use of the libraries
  • Parameterization:
    • parameter properties
    • mathematical functions, logical conditions, variables, etc.
    • curves and characteristics.
  • Hierarchical modeling (sub-structuring)
  • Referencing: Cross-references tvariables and parameters within the model
  • Derivation of new model types
  • Calculations:
    • Concept
    • transient simulation
    • calculation of consistent initial values
    • natural frequencies and mode shapes
  • Result presentation, evaluation, and analysis
  • Data exchange and interfaces
  • Exercises:
    • One-mass oscillator
    • Calculation of the volume of a cuboid
    • Sweep excitation mode