SimulationX - Dynamic calculations of belt conveyors

Learn about the possibilities of SimulationX for modeling, simulation, and analyzing the dynamic behavior of belt conveyors.

This course gives a comprehensive overview of the dynamic simulation of belt conveyors in SimulationX. In addition to answering classic design questions, dynamic influences are examined, and various drive concepts are tested. During the training, numerous practical examples are used for explanation.

お探しのものが見つかりませんでしたか? カスタマイズトレーニングを依頼

Day 1

  • Basics of the Belt Conveyors library
  • Automated creation of belt conveyor models using the model generator
  • Parameter definition
  • Modelling of different drive trains
  • Visualization and interpretation of simulation results
  • Further application of dynamic belt conveyor simulations:
    • Virtual commissioning
    • Digital twin
    • Optimization of parameters
  • Exercises:
    • Application of the model generator
    • Controlled and uncontrolled drives