Here you will find Add-ons which provide extra features or functionalities to ESI's solutions. Each article displays a short abstract accessible to everyone. As a logged user, you get access to the full article with screenshots and downloadable Add-on file, and you can post comments related to each article.

Advanced Modeling Package (AMP) 3.3 for VA One

Advanced Modeling Package (AMP) for VA One is a free community-based VA One script package ESI is compiling and providing to our customers outside of our normal support.

Utilities 3.3

Voestalpine Stahl GmbH material database

Material database from Voestalpine Stahl GmbH

Materials 2022.0

Reporting Tool

Add-In for Microsoft PowerPoint,  which helps to create a report based on PAM-STAMP project with results.

Utilities 3.1.5

Windows Queuing System 2.1

This tool is to help users to manage the launch of PAM-STAMP simulations up to 16 CPUs/Cores with a queue in Windows up to versions 2018.0

Utilities 2.1

ESI Mat-Wizard

PAM-STAMP add-on allowing through an excel sheet to evaluate the best Yield criteria, to give an FLC prediction and even more features

Utilities 2020.0

CPU time tool V1.0.2

Tool to get the CPU time from a PAM-STAMP simulation

Utilities 1.0.2

Roll Hemming Meshing Tool

Tool to mesh inner and outer parts based on Deltamesh before doing Roll-Hemming in Pamstamp

Utilities 2.0

TestOpenGL 1.0

Tool to check quickly your 3D graphics card

Utilities 1.0

Calculator for blank mesh parameters

Excel sheet to get the right value of initial blank mesh according to the blank thickness, the stretching, the minimal radius to catch and the strategy targeted.

Utilities 1.0

Convection Heat Transfer Coefficient Estimation Tool 1.0

Tool to help users to find a rough estimation of the convection heat transfer coefficient in a straight pipe. To be used in case of hot pipe flow and cold water.

Utilities 1.0

Solver Check 1.1

This tool is to help users to check if some simulation is running in their local machines and to stop them easily if needed.

Utilities 1.1

Material Coefficient Estimation Tool 1.0

This tool is to help users to find the material coefficients as Krupkowski coefficients needed in PAM-STAMP simulation based on real Stress/Strain values or others parameters

Utilities 1.0

Excel Reporting tool 1.0

This tool is to help users to generate a report in Excel based on PAM-STAMP simulation results - tool with open code

Utilities 1.0

Step by step and useful tools toolbars 1.0

In parallel of the default workflow in PAM-STAMP, you can use these 2 customized toolbars dedicated to do a step by step setup with useful tools to save many clicks.

Toolbars 1.0

Elapsed time Tool 1.0

Tool to get the elapsed time from a PAM-STAMP simulation

Utilities 1.0