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Stamp & Assembly Virtual Chain Simulation Technology
Stamp & Assembly Virtual Chain Simulation Technology
Sheet Metal Forming

Virtual Reactor Design and Process Validation of 3D ICP Chambers
Join this application-specific, 45-minute webinar where we showcase ESI's multi-physics solutions used to model ICP chambers including various asymmetric's in geometry and complexity in chemistry. 

Virtual Seat Solution for Seat Design
*Key Topics:* •    Overview of Virtual Seat Solution for automotive and aeronautic industries •    Simulation of Trim Manufacturing : why and how ? •    H-Point Machines and other dummies for Posture requirements •    Static comfort through pressure...
Virtual Seat

Enhancing product performance and quality of welded structures
Effective realistic modeling is key in the energy and petrochemical industry in order to verify welding technology on real size components of very large and heavy products. Numerical simulation offers a unique and comprehensive virtual assessment of...

L’ingénierie virtuelle, levier de performance économique des projets du secteur nucléaire
Dans le cadre du plan *France Relance*, un appel à projets a été lancé afin de *maintenir les compétences nécessaires de la filière nucléaire et assurer son excellence opérationnelle*. Il vise notamment à soutenir des projets de R...

What's new in VA One 2021
The VA One 2021 release places key focus on improvements and acceleration of SEA Modeling functionality as its flagship feature set. More advanced and automated tools for SEA structural and acoustic subsystem and junction creation are introduced, reducing...

Live Composite- SMC Workshop
*Key Topics:* * ESI PAM-COMPOSITES introduction * What is SMC? * What does SMC simulation mean? * Area of applications * Live demo

Fatigue Prediction of Welded Structures
This webinar is focused on the support of technological welding processes using numerical simulations in order to reduce production costs and increase the quality of welded structures. The presentation includes a description of negative welding phenomena...

Assembly Distortion Control and Perceived Quality | Doors & Closures
Manufacturing cars with lightweight materials is a challenge for meeting tolerance requirements and final perceived quality, with the consequence to increase the risks for over-spending in the try-out phase. To meet customer’s high demands while minimizing...

Structural Integrity and Acoustic Qualification of Space Hardware
Join us and learn how to accurately predict structural response of space hardware arising from acoustic excitation during launch by using Virtual Acoustic Engineering and DFAT® simulation capabilities that save both time and cost of moving sensitive...