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VA One User Group: Comparing FE-BEM models to equivalent hybrid simulations
Introduction This is our first ESI hosted VA One user group meeting. The focus of this meeting was Comparing FE-BEM models to equivalent hybrid simulations. The agenda is as follows: Previous meeting recap Hybrid modeling: Payload vs launch vehicle...

VA One User Group: FE-BEM Space application - Best practices I
This is our first ESI hosted VA One user group meeting. The focus of this meeting will be on FE-BEM analysis for space applications. This webinar contains a series of modeling recommendations to create quality predictive models. The agenda is as follows: Analysis objectives: summa...

What's New - SimulationX 4.5
The latest release of SimulationX version 4.5 places a key focus on usability and user experience. New libraries and functions enable, e.g.,  the automation of workflows and the embedding of publicly available fluid definitions. The full move towards token licensing provides fully flexible access to...
System Modeling

What's New - SimulationX 4.4
This video will cover the most important highlights of the latest release from SimulationX. For the full updates please refer to the latest release  notes 
System Modeling

Webinar - VA One 2022 What's New
The VA One 2022 release places key focus on an accelerated BEM solver using H-matrix to support coupled (indirect) and uncoupled applications relevant for most vehicle applications, offering a substantial reduction of memory used and CPU time for many models.  There are also additional improvements...

Planning for MRO Engineering Virtually
When eXtended Reality, XR, is discussed for service and maintenance, one of the first topics that comes to mind is the use of Augmented Reality (AR) devices serving digital work instructions or real-time state reports. AR can overlay 3D views and work instructions onto real-world views, which is a t...
Virtual Reality

Simulate the Complete Casting Process to reduce defects
During the development phase of new parts, simulation facilitates the design of tools, predicts and quantifies defects. The objective is to reduce the number of physical attempts in order to achieve the "right the first time". Simulation allows cast parts manufacturers to test their casting proce...

Local Joining Process & Performance
With regards to the electrification challenge, multi-material assemblies are critical to producing vehicle bodies with the best cost-lightweight ratio and increasing energy efficiency during production. However, higher investments for powertrains translate into more conservative investments for the...
Welding & Assembly

Virtual Product Design & Integration Validation
Amid their industries’ digital transformations, enterprises are designing many first-of-their-kind products—Urban air-taxis, autonomous vehicles, electric drivetrains, and other disruptive product variants—that will face different problems than their historic offerings, since not all experience in p...
Virtual Reality

「解析と実機が合わない」「精度向上のためには何が必要なの」と感じた経験はございませんか?プレス成形解析において材料特性は解析精度に大きく影響します。この度、プレス成形解析を利用中の方、これから導入をご検討の方向けにシミュレーションの基本である材料特性に焦点を当てたオンラインセミナーを開催いたしました。 本セミナー前半では日本大学 高橋進先生より昨今のプレス加工事情からプレス成形速度での引張試験と成形解析についてご講演いただいております。 本セミナー終盤ではPAM-STAMPの材料物性算出ツールESI Mat-Wizardについてもご紹介いたします。 ぜひご視聴ください。...
Sheet Metal Forming