Virtual Seat

ESI’s Virtual Seat Solution is a solution dedicated to the virtual prototyping of seats. It empowers OEMs and seat suppliers to design, manufacture, and test, improve and pre-certify their seat prototypes, fully and virtually, without the need for costly physical prototypes. With a virtual prototype, you can test all the performances of your seat before design freeze and anticipate manufacturing issues. This allows for more innovation and more fixes early in development cycle. All of these applications can be assessed using a single model common to all domains of performance(safety, whiplash, H-Point prediction, static & dynamic comfort, thermal comfort...), allowing seat designers, seat engineers and seat specialists to work concurrently and efficiently. Using a single model, they can quickly assess trade-offs between different design options and enhance their prototypes.


Virtual Seat Solution for aeronautics offers cabin and cockpit engineers new functionalities concerning certification and comfort. 

Latest product release document can be found under the Documentation tab below.