List of Training Courses

IC.IDO - Build & Maintain Basic Training
Learn how to create a collaborative virtual mock-up environment to visualize, experience, and validate integrated digital product designs during the engineering of human centric assembly and service processes.

Note: For onsite training in Bagneux a minimum of 3 participants are needed for the course to take place.
Virtual Reality IC.IDO-FO-B-BM Basic

IC.IDO - Integrate Basic Training
Learn how to use digital product design data and create a collaborative virtual mock-up environment to visualize, understand, and validate product packaging or integration concerns during the product development phase.
Virtual Reality IC.IDO-FO-B-INT Basic

IC.IDO - Advanced Training
Learn about advanced workflows and features that can be used to conduct intricate product integration and virtual build & maintenance validations.
Virtual Reality IC.IDO-FO-A Advanced

VPS Explicit - Basic Crash Modeling
Learn about and understand the basic aspects of crash simulations. Discover how to set up a simple component crash model step by step with all essential options, evaluate the results, and confirm their plausibility.
Virtual Performance VPS-FO-B-BCM Basic

VPS Explicit - Advanced Crash Modeling
Extend your know-how with advanced VPS options. Learn how to derive component simulations from full car simulations and combine different levels of detail. Learn to transfer simulation-/manufacturing results to a subsequent simulation. Learn to combine different load cases and disciplines in one simulation. Learn to analyze and improve the performance and robustness of the simulation.
Virtual Performance VPS-FO-A-ACM Advanced

VPS Explicit - Dummy Models
Learn about and understand the variety of dummy models and how to utilize them. Learn to position and integrate a dummy model into a vehicle. Learn to set up a belt system with elaborated retractor options, such as a pyrotechnical pre-tensioner and load limiter. Learn to analyze the dynamic results, including the sensor output of a dummy model.
Virtual Performance VPS-FO-B-CTDM Advanced

VPS Explicit - Airbag Modeling
Learn about and understand the basic aspects of airbag modeling. Learn to set up a simple Uniform Pressure airbag, how to add the definitions for gas dynamics (FPM) and analyze the results. Learn how to ensure your model accuracy by learning about the best modeling guidelines and practices.
Virtual Performance VPS-FO-A-AM Advanced

VPS Explicit - Airbag Folding with SIM-FOLDER
Learn about and understand the possibilities of airbag folding simulation. Learn to set up and perform a folding simulation step by step with a simplified airbag. Use the variety of folding tools of the SIM-FOLDER database and learn how to create new folding tools easily. Learn to parameterize the folding steps and use them in a chained process.
Virtual Performance VPS-FO-A-AFSF Advanced

VPS Implicit - Basic Training
Learn about and understand the general of a VPS model. Learn to set up and run a simple static linear or nonlinear static load case with VPS and evaluate the results.
Virtual Performance VPS-FO-B-IBT Basic

VPS Implicit - Linear and Non-Linear Statics
Learn how to create load cases for all static analysis types (statics, thermal, buckling). Learn how to chain different analysis types in one model.
Virtual Performance VPS-FO-B-LNLS Advanced

VPS Implicit - Dynamics (Modal Analysis and NVH)
Learn how to set up a modal and frequency response model. Learn about typical NVH results and how to obtain and evaluate them.
Virtual Performance VPS-FO-B-DMA Advanced

VPS Implicit - NVH - Automotive Low Frequency Interior Acoustics
Learn how to set up a coupled frequency response analysis for structure.
Virtual Performance VPS-FO-A-ALFI Advanced

VPS Implicit - Boundary Element Method
Learn how to set up a vibroacoustic BEM model for a given structural mesh. Learn how to evaluate results on the BEM surface and the exterior.
Virtual Performance VPS-FO-A-BEM Advanced

VPS Implicit - Transmission Loss
Learn how to set up a transmission loss model for a given structural and trim mesh. Learn how to evaluate transmission loss results.
Virtual Performance VPS-FO-A-TL Advanced

VPS Explicit - Material Modeling
Understand the phenomena of individual material classes and learn which standard material models exist in VPS to describe this material behavior.
Virtual Performance VPS-FO-A-MM Advanced

SimulationX - Basic Training
Learn about and understand the basic aspects of system modeling. Get an insight into the functional range of the software and learn interesting facts about the possible applications for modeling, simulating, and analyzing complex technical systems.
System Modeling SIM-FO-B Basic

SimulationX - Advanced Modeling
Learn more about the flexible modeling capabilities in SimulationX to build user-adapted models with more complexity or own model libraries.
System Modeling SIM-FO-A-AM Advanced

SimulationX - Methods for Calculations and Analyses
Learn more about the calculation and analysis tools in SimulationX. Learn to analyze and optimize the simulation performance of own models.
System Modeling SIM-FO-A-MCA Advanced

SimulationX - Mechanics 1D
Learn about modeling concept in 1D as well as the basic features of several important 1D mechanic elements, which are also used in other domains in SimulationX. Develop your own 1D elements based on standard elements as, e.g., nonlinear spring-dampers.
System Modeling SIM-FO-A-1D Advanced

SimulationX - Multi-Body Systems
Learn about MBS (Multi-Body System) mechanics, understand the library, and practically apply the modeling concept with examples.
System Modeling SIM-FO-A-MBS Advanced