License Toolkits for ESI Group

Download the FLEXnet Toolkit v11.19.4.1 for your platform using the links below.

Each toolkit is composed of:

  • ESI FlexNet Publisher (FNP) Licensing Server toolkit (lmgrd/lmutil/lmtools) 2023 R2 SP1 ( and vendor daemon for ESI Group products (pam_lmd)
  • FlexNet Licensing Service (FNLS) utility for Virtual Machine usage as license server
  • ESI Custom Vendor (ESIVDH)  utility generator 3.1.4
  • ESI License file diagnose command line utility (esiflexdiag) 1.1.5
  • Set of scripts delivered by ESI that gets system details


Important notice:


Please note that ALL ESI Software major releases starting June 2024 require license servers to be executed / upgraded with (at least) this version v11.19.4.1


FlexNet Publisher 2023 R2 (11.19.4) License Administration Guide