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Here you will find articles on how to solve specific issues related to ESI's software solutions. Missing ESI products will be added progressively. Each article has a short abstract which is accessible to everyone. As logged users you can see the full article with all attached screenshots, and you can post comments related to each article.

Crack Mesh Application
To insert Crack in a 3D model, an application named Crack Insertion is available
Sandrine Dischert
Multiphysics, Virtual Integration Platform

Welding simulation with FAST3D method in Visual Weld
A new method is described, which allows to reduce computation time significantly. It is used for transient simulations with moving heat source, mainly for long welds. Its advantage is that it does not require any additional manipulations with the model.
Vsevolod Troyanov
Welding & Assembly

Visual-Assembly Overlap Resolve positioning
The most effective way how to position your distorted components into the clamping system.
Jan Bejvl
Welding & Assembly, Virtual Integration Platform

Visual-Mesh for Assembly setup - How to create mesh for shell analysis from CAD.
Short video how to create shell mesh from CAD using Visual-Mesh application.
Ksenia Troyanova
Welding & Assembly, Virtual Integration Platform

e-café #3 - Customiser l'interface PAM-STAMP
Vous voulez personnaliser votre environnement de travail avec PAMSTAMP ? Cet e-café vous explique comment customiser l'interface en utilisant un workflow dédié et en utilisant des barres d'outils faites sur mesure.
Julien Charbonneaux
Sheet Metal Forming

Visual-Environment Highlight of Visual-CFD: Multiphase Flow
In fluid mechanics, multiphase flow is the simultaneous flow of materials with two or more thermodynamic phases. These phases may consist of one chemical component (e.g. flow of water and water vapour), or several different chemical components (e.g. flow of oil and...
Raj Kumar Barnawal
Virtual Integration Platform

Visual-Environment Highlight of Visual-CFD: Adjoint Optimisation
The adjoint method has long been considered as the tool of choice for gradient-based optimisation in computational fluid dynamics (CFD). The adjoint method, allows computation of sensitivities, i.e. the derivative of the objective function with respect to the design...
Raj Kumar Barnawal
Virtual Integration Platform

Visual-Environment Highlight of Visual-CFD: Reacting Species
Modelling reactive systems is numerically expensive since the non-linear reaction kinetics leads to stiff-ODE systems in the species and energy conservation equations. Special solution algorithms, capable of handling these stiff systems of equations, different ODE...
Raj Kumar Barnawal
Virtual Integration Platform

e-café #12 : L’outil de post traitement ESI PLAYER™
Découvrez comment exporter et exploiter les résultats de ProCAST™ ou QuikCAST™ dans l’interface ESI-PLAYER™
Mathieu Moerckel

Visual-Environment Highlight of Visual-Seat: STAN Thermal Dummy
STAN is a thermal dummy to test thermal comfort and moisture management characteristics of automobile, truck, and airplane seating. This device is commercialized by Thermetrics® and some relevant information can be found here:
Christian Marca
Virtual Seat, Virtual Integration Platform